Pema Chodron has popularized the concept “Start Where You Are” which points out that goals and expectations and our brain in general can get in the way of our doing things.  It doesn’t matter where you want to go, who you want to be, or what you want to get done.  Before you can do anything you need to bring it all back to this moment and start where you are.

So many of us have no idea where we actually are in any given situation.  We are so full of what could be, what has been, what should be, what isn’t, and the crush of all the things to get done that we aren’t even aware of where we are let alone who we are.  Which is why one of the most common questions for Tarot readers is ‘just tell me what I need to know.’  Because we don’t know where we are so we don’t know what might be most relevant.  We recognize the issue once it shows up in the cards, but many times we are surprised that it is the preeminent issue and so tend to devalue the information we’re given.  It just goes back into the mix of all the other things going on in our lives.  Wash/rinse/repeat.

I point out to my students that working with the Akashics has healing benefits, but not in the way most people define as healing.  Because healing has been divided into the mechanistic parts of life (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) each having their own value or worth.  In white western culture physical healing is about the mechanics of the body as machine with parts that fail and can be replaced or which can suffer damage or attack from outside sources.  Mental health is seen pretty much the same way, with additional negative stigma because we see the mind as controlling all other pieces of the self and if the mind is corrupted then the entire being is spoiled.  Emotional health is currently suffering the mechanistic model of physical health so if you can’t ‘buck up’ on your own, then take pills because no malingering is allowed.  And spiritual health doesn’t exist except in the realm of the major religions and is measured in the context of how observant one is.

The Akashics could care less about these arbitrary divides and the miasma of messages they send.  The Akashics is holistic in how it deals with the individual because, in reality, all four of these things are interconnected.  My clients are often a bit shocked when I read their body first, because they have been taught that the body is separate from the soul, when in fact it is integrally connected and both work together to create our best life!  The Akashics, somewhat like Tarot, responds automatically to the unasked question ‘just tell me what I need.’  Therefore my students will enter into a meditation and find themselves sobbing uncontrollably.  They will find that, while they are able to follow the meditation, all the objects and actions and beings they meet are about life events and messages that have to do with unfinished business.  Or they meet with beings who are there for dual purposes because they are taking the class but they also are ready to start a more in depth personal journey to start a new phase of their life.  Or they are taken through a completely different process even while the meditation instructions are ongoing because they need to do something else entirely and that takes priority.

All of which is healing, not only spiritually, but mentally, emotionally and physically. Therefor each journey into the Akashics is an adventure and never exactly the same twice.  Because none of us is exactly the same twice, no matter how hard we try.  And if we don’t try to stay the same, if we allow the process to play out with a sense of wonder or if we even seek to embrace change and open up to our unfolding, the Akashics will lead us to places we never dreamed, to aspects of ourselves that we never expected and are beyond our wildest imaginings, not in the Akashics, but right here in this life.