Each soul, each individual, has a book or a record in the Akashics.  It’s the record of all that they are.  That statement (right back there, to the left of here) is so all encompassing and yet so general that it is, for all practical purposes, meaningless.  Because how many people know what ‘all’ means in this context?  I run across this with clients every once in a while, which surprises me just because I deal with this information and soul books all day long practically every day.  It’s a good reminder that the rest of the world doesn’t.  Thanks for keeping me grounded, everyone.

Soul books contain a record of each and every past life that a soul has had, both human and non-human.  This means that each person has had usually dozens if not hundreds of human lives and then hundreds more non-human.  That section of each book I read is ENORMOUS which is why I smile when clients ask if they’ve had past lives.  I riffle the pages while they’re talking just because I can.  🙂  The section I find much more interesting myself is the one after this.  It’s the record of the life review the soul went through after each lifetime and all that they learned.  So all the answers to why that life happened the way it did and what did it mean is all there, it’s just that the two pieces aren’t in the same place and no one thinks to look at the second one.  *shrug*  Then there is the section that is about the soul in its entirety, the part about whatever service work they have begun to undertake, and the parts that I read concerning the current life.

But there are other books that refer to souls and I see them periodically as well.  Career books are a common thing to appear in a reading.  They are either already laid out for me with the soul book or are brought as I’m doing the reading to help me understand what the person does when they are not living an embodied life.  These books are not like individual records. I liken them to ethics manuals for lawyers or “how to” guides for nurses or doctors.  They are the guidelines for a particular type of work or service which a soul can use to aid them in their work.  There are books on supporting planetary systems, being a soul teacher, being a healer, creating objects or lifeforms, etc, etc, etc.   Each is relatively small in comparison to a soul book but most are beautiful, iridescent bound in fabric or leather and lovingly tended by those who work in that field.

Not everyone has one because not everyone has developed to a point where they are ‘being’ in such a way that they provide a service to others.  That’s not a judgement of age or wisdom, like being single it’s just a state of being.  It’s a place to start and there is always further to go.