Sounds crazy, right?  Who would be afraid of changing their life for the better? Of being successful in what they want to do? But its the truth and the old adage is correct.  Most people prefer ‘the Devil you know’ to whatever is out there that they don’t know.  Because what they don’t know could be Worse than what they have now.  Which is scary. So better to stay the way they are.

On the other hand, each of us has creating an identity based on who we are right now.  That identity usually includes knowing that we are so much more than what people see or what we are doing right now.  And that ‘if only’ then people would see and know us and it would be great.  Now think about that for a minute.  We’ve built our identities around people not knowing who we are but things being better ‘some day’  IF they do.  So we have an identity built around a story.  How much fear is caused by thinking about changing that identity?  About reaching ‘someday’ and actually having people know that inner and amazing you?  Wincing just thinking about it?

Fear of success is huge because it keeps us safe.  Keeps us from getting hurt, from being exposed, from getting into dangerous situations.  However it also keeps us from our dreams, from our full potential, from all the gifts that the Universe has for us.  So perhaps the first step in changing your life is facing your fear.  Fear of succeeding.  Because if you did that, you’d have to be the real you.  But would that really be so bad?


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