Everyone has spiritual guides.  Everyone.  It takes a team to keep us in an embodied life.  Sometimes they don’t have a lot to do because their person’s got it covered.  Sometimes they don’t have a lot to do because their person doesn’t take on any of the challenges, lessons, or joys that they planned to do this time around.  Sometimes they are frantic trying to keep up with their person.  Like that picture going around the internet of the Jesus on the cross hanging from the rear view mirror who is holding on for dear life because of the speed the person is driving.  And then there are others who are stuck playing charades with their person, trying desperately to get their message across to no avail.  Why do beings taken on these jobs? There’s the true mystery.

Our relationship with our guides is unique to us and them, just like any other relationship.  It’s a combination of the situation we’re in, the choices we make, and the individuals with their own history and perspectives and personalities.  With that said, there are some things you can do to really help matters.  First and foremost, deal with your own stuff.  That doesn’t mean don’t ask for guidance, but don’t try to climb Mt. Everest without getting fit, getting equipment, and getting a couple of Sherpas.  And be kind to your Sherpas.  Listen to them and follow their advice.   Before you try to start doing something big, make sure you have your own personal stuff in order as much as possible.  Because you are responsible for yourself on this journey.  Your guides have all kinds of advice and help and support to provide, but that’s where everything should start.  Think of yourself as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  Everything starts from the central point that is you. Yes, you will end up finding out that everything you needed was in your own backyard, but first, make sure you put on the shoes and then take the path one step at a time.

Other advice for working with guides, be a scientist when it comes to asking questions.  So many times we want a certain answer and so what we ask and how we ask it is very, very specific to getting that answer.  And therefore the answer we get is skewed and very limited. And leaves out all the good information that would be really helpful.  Or our desire to have the answer we want, which isn’t going to happen, keeps us from hearing the actual answer or prevents our guides from giving us the answer.  So asking is an exercise in futility.

Being a scientist in how you ask means being clear about what results you want, asking the question in such a way that you don’t bias the answer, and then being open to the answer.  For example, asking ‘is this relationship good for me’ is waaaaayy too general.  Because there are very few situations that don’t have some kind of silver lining.  So the answer to that might be silence or a qualified yes with no details.  Another example: I’s this job I’m trying to get serving my best and highest good?’  Again, a bit general.  Unless the job would chop your body up for spare parts while you’re still alive, it’s likely that some portions of it would serve your best and highest good.  So be a scientist.  Ask what career or job or field or occupation would be for your best and highest good and withhold judgement on what information you receive.  Detach the need for money (and the inevitable fears/negative emotions we have around it) from the equation and you’ll hear the answer more clearly.

Another common question is ‘Is it possible for me to have a positive relationship right now?’  It may not be for a host of reasons.  Start inspecting why.  You might be delighted to find out that your partner is around the corner but you need to wait a bit.  Or that there are revelations coming if you do this/that/or the other, which would then take you to a place personally and geographically where you can meet that one person that is best for you.

So take care of you first, then look at how you are asking the questions and what questions you are asking.  And take it in when you get the information.  Because if you are open to receiving, then you will get the message.  And your guides will be forever grateful.  Literally.