When people work in the Akashics, either through my classes or through other means, one thing that is a constant is the communication that comes in the form of form.  I’ve written about this before here and commented in the chat room for my classes, but it bears repeating and specifically with animal guides and totems.

We are visual beings and make a great deal of meaning out of what we see. Hence writing, TV, Movies, books, Ipads, computers, smart phones….the list goes on and on.  While hearing can be a component of these things its secondary to sight.  So too in the Akashics.  Visual is just one component of communication there, but since it is so primary to us, it is heavily relied upon there relative to us.  This includes the form which beings use to represent themselves to us.

As everything is energy in the Akashics, form can be malleable depending on the being and the circumstance.  It is notable when something’s form is not malleable or is constant there.  It’s something that those of us who work there consistently comment on and share amongst ourselves.  Most things can change form within a certain context.  It’s somewhat like conjugating words in language.  A ‘to be’ word is still in that category no matter how it is conjugated but ‘was’ and ‘were’ do not look the same and have different meanings when used.  So too with the forms of animal guides and totems.

Animal guides and totems can and do usually appear in their fully animal form.  It need not be their primary form.  It is very common for them to appear as a beloved pet, past or present, in order to create relationship, to ease fears and anxiety, and to smooth the way for further interactions.  They can also appear as their primary form.  Or they can appear in their two legged form.  This is most usually with the body of a human (fully clothed) and the head of their animal form.  Most people experience this as somewhat Egyptian feeling, but is common in indigenous cultures as well.  Each form has a purpose. In each form the being is the same and can communicate clearly and fully.  Each form is a means of communicating to the person working in the Akashics and has multiple levels of meaning for that person.

Trust what you experience, take it in, sit with it, mull it over, feel what feelings occur and the meaning will become clear, either immediately or over time.  Just like any other conversation you have with any of your other friends.  🙂