One of the themes that shows up in the chat board posts for my classes is “My animal guide is a (leopard/panther/lion/cheetah) which is really surprising to me because [fill in personal reason here].”  Next to pets either living or no longer with us this is the most common animal guide to have in my classes.   And it is one example of the Right or Right Now reasons why certain animal guides or totems choose to work with us.

Florida PantherFor those who have big cats come to work with them, it’s not necessarily because you have an affinity for cats, although you may, but because the journey you are on is twofold.  One is to take the class as I’ve built it. It’s to learn how to read your soul book in the Akashics and learn a bit about how the Akashics works.  Which is amazing and intricate and revelatory for each student who undertakes it.  That’s the nature of reading the book of your soul.  You discover things you didn’t know or don’t remember and are able then to incorporate that knowing into your current life.

But there is another journey as well and that is even deeper and more mystical.  Meeting and working with big cats happens because you are entering into a time of personal transformation.  One that is holistic in that it is the entirety of your life that is changing.  You are in a phase of your life when you are sluffing off what has been and are moving into the possibilities of what could be, which sounds very hocus/pocus but is actually incredibly practical.  It’s what happens when we move from childhood to adulthood.  It happens when we have children, when we create and launch ourselves into a new identity such as artist or teacher or tax payer or homeowner or world traveler.  It happens when we retire and start opening up our life to live it for ourselves.  Meeting a big cat in these lessons means that, whatever stage you’ve been in, now you’re entering into something new.

It also means that you have a support team.  The big cat has come to walk with you, lead you through it, support you and advise you and make sure that you get through it all with grace.  So if you journey into the Akashics and you meet a big cat, get excited.  Not afraid, but excited.  Personally I would get excited like it’s Christmas morning with all the presents laid out before.  I’m not saying the path will be easy, that it will be all bliss and rainbows, but it will be fantastic!   And it’s yours for the having.  So take a deep breath and get going.