It’s always been that way. I think I get it from my Dad.  I don’t mean I want to put myself in dangerous situations or I’m an adrenaline junky or anything.  I just love going new places and seeing what I find there.  Sometimes I go on road trips just to see what’s out there in *pointing randomly* that direction over there.  Or I goto parks or neighborhoods and just walk to see what I see.

Yesterday I finally got a chance to do some more adventuring.  I have a book that is a guide-book to scenic hikes in my area and the sun was shining and the world seemed like a good place to be so I set out on walk number one and was amazed and delighted.  I never knew there were wondrous houses like that up there and the park is one I had never been in and the views were fantastic and the history of the place was fun.  I learned things, got exercise in, was out in the sun finally, and just couldn’t stop from smiling.  Being a tourist in your own town is a bit weird but who cares.  It felt great and I’m still happy this morning.

I know, I’m easy to please and a cheap date.  There are worse things to be. 🙂