Just as light can be a wave or a particle depending on how you attempt to measure it or interact with it, so the Akashics is both a physical force, the force that creates the laws on which our Universe operates, and also a place.  We all go there on a regular basis, usually once a week for the average Joe or Josephine, in our dreams or what I call dreamtime.  It’s those dreams you wake up from remembering that you were just getting out of class at your Junior High or High School. You can’t remember the class, just that you were gathering up your books and you weren’t the only student and that school was done for the day.  That’s the Akashics. You finished your wake up cycle just as you were getting done with your brush up class on whatever it is your soul is currently working on there.  We never stop being connected or stop learning and becoming. Also, those dreams of flying, yep that’s the Akashics.  Those amazingly clear dreams where everything seems stunningly bright and beautiful?  Yep, those too.  The dreams where you are naked in front of a group of people? Well you’re on your own. You might want to research Freud or Jung. 🙂

The Akashics can seem like a malleable place because due to our interconnected nature as souls and the fact that we communicate telepathically, thought forms take physical shape and we are therefore able to interact in our environment there in somewhat of an Alice in Wonderland way.  However, people mistake this as complete control such as “this is all in my head”, which it is not.  When in the Akashics we are in conversation with it and with all living  things.  Not a monologue, but a conversation.  So we only control 1/2 of the situation.  Which means what we communicate comes into being if the other party agrees and only until they communicate, when their thought forms come to life and then the process repeats, over and over again. Just as conversations do in real life only without the object actually appearing.

The Akashics is a place and, as I demonstrate for my students, the structures there stay in place and in shape regardless of our thoughts or how many people visit them.  The Library, the Temple of Life, the great Mountain, the formal gardens, the city, all of these things are there and are the same for all of us who visit them.  And if we visit them at the same time we can see each other there as well as beings that dwell there. The Akashics hold more wisdom and experience than any one being can comprehend and it is all available to us if we wish to access it.

Here’s some more info about the Akashics:

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