I know, I know.  Sounds like all the self-help books out there.  Well, sometimes the self-help books have the right idea.  Here’s the thing, though.  Trusting yourself really means trusting Yourself.  Not all the things that your family and your friends have told you, not the things that social media teaches you, not the things that ‘everyone knows’ are true.  You have to trust you.  What you feel about things, what you might feel is true, but you’ve never tried and so you just ignore it.

Stop ignoring yourself.

Listen to just one thing that you actually want to do or be and see how that feels.  Then do one thing towards that and see how that feels. And if it doesn’t feel right, sit back and listen again.  Because it’s not all or nothing anymore than learning to drive is or getting a HS diploma. That took 12 years, right?  Give yourself a break, then give yourself a little bit of attention.  You deserve it.


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