I was interviewed by Spiritual Aliveness with Joni

The amazing Joni Lerner ( @jonicaldwelllerner) interviewed me for her podcast Spiritual Aliveness with Joni It’s a bit over an hour (we were having too much fun), but you can give it a listen here: Teri Uktena: Explore the Akashics, Soul Readings, Learn how to “Cut the Cords” to Negative Energy, Using the Akashics to Create a Better Life, Truth is Transformational, Tap Into What Your Soul is Trying to Tell You “…the question is are you ready to be who you are actually meant to be?”… Details

2019 – Year of the Earth Pig (Boar)

Happy New Year! It’s been a wild ride over the past year and while I have immense gratitude for what good came from it, I’m also so very glad we’re moving through things and on to something new. 2019 has the potential to be wonderful for a variety of reasons so let’s take a look at the big structural pieces before we drill down to what it all means for you.… Details

Challenge Your Traditions

Holiday traditions are wonderful things. They connect us to our family and culture. They allow us a kind of time warp where we are connecting the previous generations with ourselves and those to come. Traditions help us weave ourselves into a bigger tapestry, help bring memories to life, and reaffirm our role in our community.… Details

To Stand Witness

THE MEDUSA MYTH has always been a favorite of mine. I mean, it’s cool right? As a kid it’s a great story like Godzilla vs. Mothra. There is a horrible monster doing horrible monstery things which needs to be vanquished. And there is a hero who looks just like every other guy and he gets help from the pretty gods and he gets all these cool gadgets and he goes out, screws up his courage and defeats the monster.… Details

Cord Connections

When we think about how we are connected to people we think of emotions: love, friendship, grief, shared misery, and hate. Or our connections can seem to be formed from thoughts, communities coming together through mutual interests, perspectives, or goals. Spiritual aspects of life call us into connection whether through intimate relationship or community which gathers to practice, learn and grow.… Details

Respect Your Divinity

  It’s true we teach people how to treat us by how we treat ourselves. But those actions also teach others how they should be treating themselves and so we become ripples in a pond moving ever outward. When our own divinity, our own precious light in this world, is the last thing on our list, when we see caring for ourselves as a condiment to living rather than the foundation for health and well-being, we show to the world the powerful message that we don’t matter and we can’t matter.… Details

Mistaking Transformative Moments

There are times when we want the world to slow down so we can get off, times when we just wish it would pull over for a moment because something has obviously come loose and we need to make a crucial adjustment, and others where we are waiting for the right moment to jump in and get things done so time seems to stretch like taffy into infinity.… Details

Reward the Increments

One of the cruelest things about Christmas Day is we have built up months of excitement which is rewarded with a brief instant. Even the best explosion of presents often leaves people disappointed, not because they didn’t get what they wanted, but because the reward isn’t equal to the effort or the expectation.… Details


Somewhere along the way our notion of balance becomes about stillness.  That balance is about perfect measures bringing everything to a point where nothing moves. It’s the essence of perfection, to be perfectly balanced in a stillness that proves everything is exactly equal, measured, compared, in exacting relationship to each other.… Details

Body Meditation

Our bodies hold a tremendous amount of practical wisdom which can help us on our spiritual path. Unfortunately we often treat them like a blind hound dog that needs constant monitoring and correction that periodically will lead us to something interesting but for the most part is a huge amount of work.… Details


Sometimes the issues in our lives don’t stem from bad luck or circumstances, but focus. We are taught how to focus on a goal in order to achieve it. When we’re young we’re taught to focus on one thing to get it done and to focus even more in order to do it well.… Details

Wearing Masks

I like masks.  Not the made in China, you can’t breathe through them, Halloween kind from the store at Halloween, but beautiful Mardi Gras masks and hand crafted fantastical masks used in ritual and ceremony, masks made by craftswo/men who put a little bit of magic into them and that can take you to another place, let you be someone completely different and yet authentically you. … Details