Concentration is something that happens when we give ourselves permission to be ourselves. When we allow ourselves not just time outs to catch our breath before plunging back into the cacophony of all the business and the messages, the expectations and needs, the grinding of the wheels and everyone around us murmuring and gasping and shouting “Look at me??!!!”, but significant lengths of time that is just for us.…Details


hand gogglesSo much of what we struggle with is a matter of perception. We expend energy to fix something we perceive is broken and yet nothing ever changes. We see this as something which is a permanent flaw or an inherent error and so spend even more energy working around it with marginal success.…Details

Stop Pushing

We’ve all done it.  More than once, I’m betting.  Whether in big matters or small we have ignored every message, every indicator, every response, every reaction even within ourselves and pursued that one thing we’re stuck on to the point of exhaustion, just to take a deep breath and keep on going. …Details

Oh Yeah, I used to…

People focus on doing things differently and plunging into new habits or regimens with the New Year. However, there’s something lush and delightful in taking a step back. In all the rushing that we do throughout the year lots of things we would like to do or used to do get set aside for “later.” You know, life dictates that we need to do this instead of that, we stop having a lot of free time, we spend all of our free time being exhausted from all of our doing and rest just enough to get up and start doing again… So New Year resolutions tend to be a means of forcing ourselves to do yet one more thing instead of a way to heal and course correct from the corner we’re painting ourselves into.…Details

Back Up For a Minute

Mercury RetrogradeThe short hand understanding of Mercury Retrograde is that it causes mechanical failures and communication misfires.  Emails get lost, text messages come in the wrong order, we say what we mean and the person hearing us hears something completely different, we’re meant to speak when we don’t, we’re meant to listen so we start talking, and anything specific like dates, times and places are all subject to the same force that takes just one sock from random loads of laundry.  …Details

Going Within

InannaI have always been frustrated by the hero’s journey as described by Joseph Campbell and by Greek mythology which seemed so out of touch with or misogynist about women and goddesses.  I never understood or had any connection with the Persephone myth. …Details

Go With The Grain

mahogany-648There is a difference between following along and choosing to go with. Following along allows someone or something else to be responsible for choosing where and how things go. Following can be relaxing or passive or just the easiest choice or even the lack of choice in any given situation. …Details

Let It Breathe

Decanted WineOne of the things I love about wines is that they change. Each glass is like a flower opening.  It has one smell and taste when it’s poured, another as it warms, another as it mixes with the oxygen in the room and each tick of the clock changes it. …Details