What’s To Be Done

Sea StarIt can be overwhelming. In our every increasingly global community where news is instantaneous and we are impacted by the tragedies of others both catastrophically natural and man-made we are faced with the challenge not of how to feel deeply, but who and what we should feel deeply for.… Details

Looking Beyond the Boundaries

Stone MosaicsPeople make structure out of chaos.  That’s what our highly developed brains are supposed to do.  It’s our one weapon for survival in this dangerous place we call home.  We have no fur to keep us warm when temperatures drop, we are slow-moving, we have no defensive weapons, we basically have our brains, opposable thumbs, and the ability to stand on our hind legs which is a minus when it comes to speed, but a plus in other areas. … Details

They Have Names

Stop The Hate Orlando Stonewall Inn 2016   Edward Sotomayor Jr., 34 years old Edward Sotomayor was a caring, energetic man known for wearing a silly top hat on cruises, said David Sotomayor, who identified himself as the victim’s cousin. David Sotomayor, who lives in Chicago, told The Associated Press Sunday that Edward worked for a company that held gay cruises and often traveled to promote the company’s events.… Details

What Is Tired?

threedonia.comIt’s the end of the day or the end of the week and you’re exhausted. You can hear the echoes of every conversation, request, meeting, order, and question that connected with you like music turned up just a little too loud.… Details

Keep the Mind Busy

Monkey-mind321So many of my clients come to me stuck with this conundrum: All the sages, gurus, and elders tell them they should meditate to clear and quiet their mind. This will allow them to center, receive wisdom, and come into harmony with themselves and the world around them.… Details