Weave Your Path

Hand WeavingWe’re living in an information age. There is a symphony of data on almost everything an anything, with thousands of people bringing new things that haven’t even been thought of before into being each day. Among all that are authorities who want to help people live up to their potential, be successful, be happy, have the life they desire, and follow their path.…Details

Fear of Becoming

Dragon Egg There is a myth that we teach each other which says if we are doing the work then we are on a straight path that will lead us to our goal. It’s a myth that equates doing with success and is “one size fits all.” It doesn’t account for any lessons that need to be learned along the way, the fact that working doesn’t in any way guarantee success even if it’s spiritual work, or that there are any other factors involved other than the person doing the work.…Details

New Video Meditation

I’ve uploaded a new video Akashic meditation to my Youtube channel.  It’s called The Tor. The journey is a passage from Ancestors of Avalon by Diana Paxon and the footage is of Maryhill Stonehenge in Goldendale, WA. The heroine is a priestess who has dedicated her life to a prescribed path and yet is reminded time and again how she doesn’t fit with its needs and strictures.…Details