The Morrigan Video Meditation

Continuing my series showing how to merge spiritual experience, guided meditations and physical locations, I’ve posted a guided meditation based on The Morrigan from Táin Bó Cúailnge and Táin Bó Regamon. Describing a Warrior’s responsibility to Choose their actions wisely. Filmed on the Deschutes River in Bend, OR.… Details

Karma Is Not The Bad Guy

Most people from Western culture countries have a nominal understanding of Karma which simplifies it down to a check and balance system.  There seems to be no positive Karma in that there’s no way you can have so many positive Karma points that doing something negative is unremarkable. … Details


startreesEvery person is a tapestry. They are a combination of their own threads (thoughts, desires, goals, abilities, choices, actions, feelings, experiences, expectations…) woven together by the process of living which is thoroughly interwoven into the threads and fabrics of everyone they come in contact with in person, online and through a myriad other means. … Details

Your Inner Truth Is Healing

Avenue of the GiantsWhile I have found that the truth can set you free, freedom isn’t always what we need. Nor is an intellectual understanding of what’s true.  So many people can wrap their minds around the truth and yet that does nothing to help them feel it or embody it, especially in the ways that would make it meaningful.… Details