Those who serve

Most days there is plenty enough to do to get through the day.  Work and groceries and cooking and hobbies and family and the list goes on and on.  Between trying to be who we are or figure out who we are and trying to be what others need us to be or who we choose to be with others, plus get the bills paid and keep everything together, our energy is pretty well invested.… Details

Less is more

To say my life is busy would be an understatement of grandiose proportions.  I’m a whirling dervish whose body at this point is waving the white flag and starting to give me signals that stress reduction is required “now!”.  I struggle with this issue every day, which in the short-term is stressful (irony) but is helping me correct the path I’m headed on so I can start bringing things back to a healthier pace. … Details

Tiger by the Tail

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone where they are upset or frustrated with a situation and spent quite a bit telling you about it.  So you comment back that there are things they can try to resolve it and they look shocked or stunned and immediately explain that there is no way to fix this and it’s actually appropriate for it to be that way and they just accept it because that’s the way life is? … Details

Soul Journeys

Every soul has its own path that it walks.  Each has a unique affinity, a style, a way of being in the Universe that is its own.  Some are similar, others complimentary, many harmonize, balance, or support each other.  And most work for the best possible good for themselves and all around them. … Details


Everything is interconnected.  Practitioners of Chinese medicine and holistic healing have known this for millennia.  Native American healers have work with these principles today to help people understand that the symptoms can only be cured when you find the actual issue and work to cure that. … Details