Is It Working?

When I’m not working with clients I’m creating new content from blog posts to the weekly teaching newsletter to class writing or book writing.  Wedged in there is the necessary business things that make a business go.  For the most part things run smoothly so there’s not a lot of paperwork or adjustment that needs to be done which is great because there is only one of me to go around and I need to breathe at some point.… Details

Once Again With Feeling

Our minds are amazing problem solvers.  If we start thinking about something, even vaguely, all of a sudden information start spooling out, ideas about what I could do with that, what could be, how I would do it differently, ‘hmmmm…I’d like to know more about that…’, and on and on. … Details

Day Of The Dead

The Day of the Dead is one of my most favorite holidays.  It’s a celebration acknowledging the seasonal nature of human life, how nobody is getting out of embodiment alive, so to speak.  🙂 Instead of seeing this as a tragedy, as something to mourn and be afraid of or fight against which steals what time remains and taints the quality of life, this holiday celebrates life in the face of death. … Details

Take Your Costume Off

Happy Halloween everyone!  A great many people see today’s holiday as the day when they can dress up as someone or something else.  It’s the day for costumes and makeup and creativity and fun.  It’s a time of masks. What people don’t think about is that the lives they’ve constructed for themselves is actually the costume.… Details

Be Indirect

Organization is a great thing.  It helps us be productive and to use our time wisely.  Like a well organized kitchen allows us to have everything we need at our fingertips so that we can be inspired to create masterpieces rather than spend too much time and energy just trying to find things, organization can help us to be creative by saving us time and making the time we have focused on creation rather than preparing to create. … Details