Why Don’t I Fit In?

Yes, we should all accept our uniqueness, cherish our weirdness, ignore everyone else’s opinions and go down our own particular path.  I’m all for it.  But we’re not islands.  Most of us are not meant to be lone explorers venturing to parts unknown only to be heard from every 2-5 years. … Details

What’s Nagging You?

No one likes nagging and we get pretty tired of naggers as well.   As a tool in a relational, social, connection based society, nagging has a limited ROI (return on investment) with diminishing returns which, when things dip into the negative, have dire consequences. … Details

I don’t wanna

You know that saying “You always find the thing you’re looking for in the last place you look”?  Well it’s true…snarky, but true.  In that same vein, many of us struggle on and on in our lives, looking here-there-everywhere for an answer to why things are the way they are and what they can do to get beyond this to have happiness and the life they deserve. … Details

Am I Too Late?

Each moment of our lives is unique.   Which makes them all the same, doesn’t it.  LOL……ahem…sorry…   The circumstances of each moment of our lives is made up of decisions and choices, experiences and circumstances. In the case of fossil fuels they would be measured in eons. … Details

Put the Plans Away

We have been taught that the best way to get things done constructively is to think things through, have a plan, be logical, be prepared, and be ready for anything like you would prepare for battle.  Well and good.  But that methodology isn’t one size fits all any more than a hammer is good for all surgical procedures or a scalpel is going to work to frame a house. … Details

Ride The Wave

Part of what is becoming evident from people’s experiences so far is that this year of the horse is a thrill ride.  So here’s some of the wisdom that Horse is supplying:  Horse can move blazingly fast over shortish distances and flat ground, but our lives are rarely flat vistas with everything visible and laid out before us. … Details

Who Said That?

Silent BobEvery notice that some people are like those dolls with the recordings in them?  You know, the one with the button in the back that you push and they say things?  Sometimes funny things, sometimes cute things, sometimes sarcastic things…  My favorite has always been the Silent Bob action figure. … Details

Knowing What You Know

How do you know when you’ve found yourself?  That’s the snide question that people ask those who are “trying to find themselves.”  It’s a valid question, snide as it is.  How do you know?  Let’s put it another way.  How much seeking do you need to do until you decide to act on what you’ve found? … Details

Motivational Stories

When we think of motivational stories or speakers we think of the things that inspire us.  The memes and quotes and anecdotes which get us fired up or at least make us feel better about our day.  And for most people these are like sparkling stars in the night sky. … Details