Not Enough Credit

People don’t give themselves enough credit.  They focus on themselves, listening to their inner guidance, pay attention to their conscience, take action to bring their lives into harmony with all that, start moving towards making their dreams a reality and then they ask, “So, you think I’m on the right track? … Details

Preconception Deception

Clients sometimes come to me with preconceptions of what is causing them distress and what will resolve the issue.  They come to me wanting validation of these preconceptions and the identities they’ve built for themselves validated.  They can be desperate for this, in fact, as if it’s a lifeline to a drowning person and that having the validation will melt away all the difficulties they are having in this life. … Details

Apocalyptic Thinking

We sometimes think that all or nothing thinking is the purview of the young.  That only the teens and 20 somethings see the world in black or white and make all or nothing decisions.  But apocalyptic thinking comes in all age groups, seeing only one way out happens to all of us at some point, and going straight to the absurdly worst case scenario is just plain human.… Details

Flexible Strength

There are plenty of ancient sayings about this, about bending so you won’t break and so on.  It’s true.  But people focus on the bendy part and not so much on the strength.  As if we’re all amazingly strong and persevere through anything and the problem is to look up from all this strength we’re exhibiting too much of and we need to loosen up. … Details

Active Grounding

Getting grounded isn’t just something your parents did to you and it’s not just about sitting out on a rock being still or calming down.  Grounding is an active process, half of the equation for healers and spiritual practitioners.  Without it we get sick, or overwhelmed, dealing with a host of symptoms as we get stuck with our clients energy and issues. … Details

It’s Always Like That

“No matter what I do, this always happens to me.  I just don’t get it!”  When someone says this to me I know it’s the queue to look at the pattern.  Yes, I commiserate because I’m human and I have/do/am experiencing the same type of stuckness and frustration. … Details

Practical Big

Dream Big! Take things one step at a time.  Separate things into small bits so they are manageable in the day-to-day.  Here what this is implying?  Dreams are BIG!  Things unconnected to reality can be grand and perfect and expansive and full of freedom. … Details

Why Don’t I Fit In?

Yes, we should all accept our uniqueness, cherish our weirdness, ignore everyone else’s opinions and go down our own particular path.  I’m all for it.  But we’re not islands.  Most of us are not meant to be lone explorers venturing to parts unknown only to be heard from every 2-5 years. … Details

What’s Nagging You?

No one likes nagging and we get pretty tired of naggers as well.   As a tool in a relational, social, connection based society, nagging has a limited ROI (return on investment) with diminishing returns which, when things dip into the negative, have dire consequences. … Details

I don’t wanna

You know that saying “You always find the thing you’re looking for in the last place you look”?  Well it’s true…snarky, but true.  In that same vein, many of us struggle on and on in our lives, looking here-there-everywhere for an answer to why things are the way they are and what they can do to get beyond this to have happiness and the life they deserve. … Details