New Article About Spirit Guides has published an article by yours truly which is on Spirit Guides and how to work with them. You can find it here: AllThingsHealing.con a great website providing articles about everything you might be interested in when living a holistic life from green living to spiritual practices to healing modalities. …Details

How come….

“How come other people are able to follow their path so easily and I have to struggle so hard?”  “How come other people get what they want without trying and I’m still stuck?”  “How come other people are lucky and I’m not?”…Details

Blogging Schedule This Weekend

Just to let everyone know, I’m at the Willamette Writers Conference August 2,3,4 and so my posts might be delayed for the next three days.  Or just non-existent depending on how things go.  So to keep you occupied, here’s a picture of my cat: She exemplifies the pursuit of your true path. …Details

Life Imitates Spirituality

We are spiritual beings living an embodied life.  We weren’t forced to come here, karma didn’t require it, we’re not prisoners here waiting for release, we chose this.  For a myriad of reasons that fall into categories such as Personal Growth, Service to Others, Exploration, Graduate Studies, Practical Application of Apprenticeship Skills, and so on. …Details

When Animals Could Talk…

Our greatest asset and largest stumbling block is our ability to make meaning out of our experiences of the world.  Which includes the stories/gossip/urban legends we hear, the infotainment we gather from TV, the myths and stories we get through movies, and all of the information/memes/propaganda/news we get from the internet in various forms. …Details

What Does It Mean?

When I and my family started working with our Native elders, I had a slight advantage in that I was an American Sign Language interpreter.  Language is not a separate thing from culture.  Both are intricately entwined with each other so lose one, you lose the other. …Details

Continuing Connection

Relationships are about so many things, but one very important component is communication.  It’s about shared experience, whether that is in doing something together, or in relating something you’ve done do someone who cares and ‘gets it’ or just ‘gets’ you. …Details