The Akashics and Pets

The animal beings we choose (or that choose us) as pets grow sensitive to us in a variety of ways.  They figure out our moods and ways through our physical actions, through our vocalizations and through the scents we produce.  They attune to our healthy states and not when we vary from them. … Details

Kabbalah Progress

People have been asking how things are going with the Kabbalah studies.  Well, they are going.  I’m learning a lot.  And there is still a HUGE amount of reading yet to do.  Just so you get an idea, here’s the books I have awaiting my attention. … Details

Two Sides Of Healing

In general there are two sides of healing, preventative care and response to illness or injury once they’ve occurred.  It’s something that gets talked about quite a lot in the States because of our current system which is weighted towards intervention and cure and away from prevention. … Details

Deep Work In the Akashics

All journey’s into the Akashics do deep work.  It might not feel like it at the time, but unlike communication or interactions here, things are not happening on just one level when we go there.  For example, if you are seeing things you recognize and being told that you are doing things right, this can seem like ‘so what’ but it probably one of the things we prize most in life: external validation. … Details

Animal Guides – Bear

For those people who have difficult, damaged, or non-existent relationships with the person who was/is in the role of mother in your life, Bear is an amazing animal guide or totem to work with.  Bear is incredibly strong, amazingly fast, self-reliant, and capable of judging how much action or inaction is necessary to achieve their goal within an instant.… Details

From The Ideal to the Real

As a child I loved mysteries.  I loved them in books including devouring every Agatha Christie I could get my hands and I loved them in real life.  I was always wondering what was beyond the next bend in the road, what the story was about why specific things, places, organizations existed. … Details

Akashics and the Sexes

Divine MasculineMale/Female, Mars/Venus, Patriarchy/Matriarchy….the experience of being one or the other of these archetypes is a defining characteristic of our being and part of our identity.  This is currently being highlighted by increasing awareness of the LGBTQ community and their struggles for recognition and acceptance. … Details