Akashics and the Sexes

Divine MasculineMale/Female, Mars/Venus, Patriarchy/Matriarchy….the experience of being one or the other of these archetypes is a defining characteristic of our being and part of our identity.  This is currently being highlighted by increasing awareness of the LGBTQ community and their struggles for recognition and acceptance. … Details

Healing as a Process

Healing is a process and rarely a linear one.  Even with a scrape or a cut the process usually goes in a linear fashion from bleeding to healed over with new skin right up until something messes with the scab.  We scratch it, it gets snagged on something, somehow the scab comes off and we are two steps back in the process. … Details

Happy Equinox

It’s officially the change of the seasons.  Today is the first day of fall in the northern hemisphere and winter is giving way to spring in the south.  And I could talk about the underlying metaphysical and spiritual meanings and message of this but instead I’d like to talk about the…overlying…prosaic….hmmmm….no…um…the… Details

Why Do They Talk Like That?

I remember a reading I had with a talented Akashic reader not only for the information I got, but for it being the first time I encountered Akashic beings speaking in weird ways.  In this case, when she worked to channel my guides, they spoke in a variation of english-what-shakespeareShakespearian English which was very difficult to understand and which she would translate after they were finished speaking the entire message. … Details

Research Into Reincarnation

Part and parcel with working in the Akashics are the topics of past lives and reincarnation.  Mostly I deal in reading those records for my clients and sometimes talking about the subjects on my blog or my emails but as I do research for my book project I run across all kinds of notations, theories, and stories about them. … Details