Totems & The Akashics

There is a difference between an animal guide and a totem.  And animal guide is there for the purpose of that specific journey.  For my students they are there to help with the work in reading your soul book and in general to help you navigate the Akashics in comfort. …Details

Bringing The Akashics To Life

Working with the Akashics is a conversation.  It’s not all in your head, only part of it is, just like any other conversation you have during the day.  Part of the conversation is formed of things you think of  and then make physical by vocalizing them (or in the Deaf community by signing them) and then the other party(ies) reciprocate. …Details

Teacher and Taught

luke_yodaContinuing with the mythology of our day, Star Wars, we are given wonderful examples of the teacher and the student archetypes.  Luke has all kinds of teachers along the way, from Obi Wan the father figure of childhood, to Darth Vader the father figure of adulthood that shocks us into the reality that parents are people too, to Yoda the medicine elder that teaches us about our true natures and forces us to stretch into what could be.…Details

Holistic Life

I start my readings by scanning my clients physical body.  Which seems like a 90 degree turn from reading someone’s soul book right?  I mean, what does the soul have to do with the body?  And what does this body have to do with the life I’m meant to lead?…Details

So When I Goto the Akashics…

Is what I experience all in my head or not? Yes. People get either confused or frustrated when I answer that way, but it’s true.  The Akashics is neither a place you go to passively receive wisdom that is going to be fed to you by some godlike figure who has plans for you nor is it an “etch a sketch” on which you put all of your thoughts and feelings and imaginings. …Details

Delve Deeper Into the Secrets of Your Soul

It’s Finally Here! Reading Your Soul Book in the Akashics is here at last.  Where Lesson 8 of Finding Your Soul Purpose described the seven sections of a Soul Book, this new class leads you on a journey to explore each section in turn.  Each week, using the techniques and skills you have acquired through your earlier explorations, you will have the opportunity to read more deeply than ever before into your own records.  You will not only learn how to recognize what section of a book you are working with or where information you are receiving is coming from, but you will learn how to direct your search to a specific section and work with it to remember in detail who you really are.…Details

The Akashics – It’s More Than Just a Library

I’m finally finishing up my fourth online class for  Like most writers and artists, there comes a point around the middle or 3/4 mark where despair sets in.  I question whether I can write at all, whether I will ever get the project done, my ability to manage deadlines, why I decided to write this in the first place….abject self loathing and despair. …Details