Movement Isn’t Progress

Just doing something doesn’t mean you’re getting anywhere.  Just ask a hamster if you’re confused about that.  Going to the gym doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight, going to the mall doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the right thing, and meditating doesn’t mean that you’ll reach enlightenment or even find yourself. … Details

Unexpected Delights

One of the things which the busy-ness of the Christmas/Hanukkah season distracts us from is experiencing the unexpected delights that appear around us.  When we’re so busy getting to here, sending things there, getting things done so we can do other things, we tend to not even see what is around us other than as an obstacle to what we are trying to do. … Details

Story Time

One of the many traditions of Christmas season is the stories.  We read Christmas stories to our children, we watch Christmas cartoons, there are Christmas episodes of our favorite shows and there are Christmas movies galore.  I’m into irreverence so I enjoy Santa Claus Conquers the Martians as well as Scooby Doo Christmas specials of which there are many.… Details

Pick Your Battles

There is a lot of resignation and long-suffering and just going through the motions that happens at Christmas time.  Some people like conflict and to stir things up, most have enough to do making sure the holidays happen they way they are supposed to and when the day comes they just want to slide into home plate with eggnog and Christmas dinner and sit in peace realizing it’s done for another year. … Details

Lighten Up

Ok, so things are ramping up. If it isn’t social obligations, his office Christmas party it’s her office Christmas party.  We’re coming up on holiday shipping deadlines, prepping for Christmas travel, desperation levels are rising in the shopping area, and the sounds of wrapping, decorating, and swearing are beginning to resound throughout the world. … Details

The Perfect Christmas

To my mind the only way in which a Christmas should be perfect is that everyone had a gloriously, deliciously good time full of laughter and joy and contentment…an possibly egg nog…or Mimosas…there could be mochas…  Ahem…where was I?  Oh yeah, perfect. … Details