New Year’s Eve

It is the end of the year of the Horse and it’s been a wild ride for everyone, it would seem. Some have had a great time, some have survived horrible journey’s, and most of us have had a mixture of highs and lows that have left us a bit breathless. … Details

What’s Missing

Lots of us are motivated by what we don’t have.  We spend huge amounts of time and effort trying to fill in the cracks, trying to get to that satisfied feeling of “enough” and finding that certain someone what fulfills us or fills in the place where we need something because there’s longing….… Details

One Last Thing

It’s Christmas Eve and it seems to be a rule of the Universe as we know it that there will always be one last thing we’ve forgotten or that hasn’t gotten done.  The malls will be full with people getting that last-minute shopping done. … Details

I Need To Let That Go

In my field I’m constantly amused by the fact that those who need to let go of things/habits/assumptions cling to them with a death grip while swilling denial by the gallon and claiming that everything is fine.  Those who do all the releasing and letting go and purifying practices are the ones who don’t need to and are confused why they don’t heal and those nasty bits just won’t go away.… Details