Prepping for Slayage Conference

So what does someone like me do when I want a vacation?  Go to an academic conference of course!  But not one that has anything to do with work.  That would be….work… So I’m going to the Slayage Conference in a little over a week and in preparation I’m reviewing Seasons 6,7 of Buffy and Seasons 3,4,5 of Angel. … Details

Absolute Assumptions

Sometimes I’m talking with a client and realize how inadequate language is as a tool for communication.  I swear, interpretive dance may seem ludicrous, but it’s probably more effective than some conversations I get into.  Because words are symbols and some people imbue them with one absolute meaning and assume that everyone else believes or agrees with them about that meaning and form whole conversations accordingly.… Details

What Was The Part In the Middle?

Ever leave a situation feeling unsatisfied, because everything seems ok and perfectly normal, but something in the back of your mind is nagging, like an itch you can’t scratch and you don’t know quite what it is?  Something got missed.  Something should have been said and wasn’t or something was said and the point didn’t get made. … Details

I Don’t Know How I’ll Squeeze It In

So many times when I speak with people about choosing themselves, living their best life, achieving their dreams, blah-de-blah-de-blah, I see the reaction “I don’t know how I’m going to squeeze that in with everything else I HAVE to do.”  From there I try to determine if that’s just a knee jerk reaction because they haven’t thought of prioritizing the win/win scenario of living their best so they have the best to offer others or if they really feel that the life they’ve created for themselves is a law of physics like gravity, a black hole they are headed to which they can’t escape.… Details

Long Term Quality Of Life

Long term plans can help us achieve the most amazing results.  While we really like the examples of overnight success, they rarely actually are.  We’re just looking at the results of thousands of decisions that have accumulated into the underdog, look they done good, hero story. … Details

Colors In Perspective

I love spending time with my artist siblings for a great many reasons, one of which is the conversations about color.  My brother-in-law talking about the colors in the fused glass portraits he’s doing, how to get flesh tones and shading right through double-digit firings, my sister talking about the colors she uses on her crystal eggs that she is making to goto the Dolores Cannon Transformation Conference or “Arkansas” as we call it, and what colors we’re wearing and how that reflects our moods.… Details

But You’re Good At It

Just because you’re good at something doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a message for you to take that on as a career or a calling.  People get confused because they are good at this thing or that and therefore pursue it but find it unfulfilling or even soul killing. … Details