Why Past Lives?

Why would we choose to live embodied lives full of struggle and pain and failure and mistakes and inevitable death?  Why would we choose to come be in bodies and lifetimes full of sorry and regret?  Why keep ourselves on a continuous wheel full of negative experiences and punishment? … Details

Past Life Roles We Live

I find it interesting to look at past lives to see how the individual soul works with the roles of male and female.  Mostly I’m looking at the past few millenia as there are so many lives in any one soul book that there’s no real reason to go back that far unless there is something specific to the person’s current life or to a question they are posing.… Details

Past Life Remains

People remember living lives before this one.  Whether they are fabricating those memories, conflating stories they heard in childhood with memory, or if these are actually memories, the fact is that they are happening.  The way in which they do so fall into two general categories:  spontaneously as part of childhood development or as a retrieved memory in adulthood. … Details

Past Life Choices

Past Lives not evidence of bullyingSome people think of past lives as evidence that life is somewhat like living on the eternal and universal playground where a bully is forever grabbing their wrist and hitting them with their own hand while chanting “Why’re you hitting yourself? … Details

Past Life Relevance

Past Life RelevanceThere are quite a few notions swirling around out there about past lives, what they mean, why we have them, and what we do about them. And there are a great many people out there trying to provide understanding and support, mostly by, unfortunately, claiming that they know a secret, an ancient practice, have communication with someone/something, or have the one true way to work with past lives. … Details

Dealing with Confrontation

Not everyone likes dealing with confrontation.  Ok, people who actually like debate team, politicians, upper management of corporations, yadda yadda, those people do like it and therefore seek out ways to participate in it.  But for the most part people don’t like it and try to avoid it. … Details

Moment In Time

Something I hear from clients and friends and family is “I can’t ‘do some kind of skill or activity’ so I’m just giving up.  I’ll never ‘whatever it is’.”  And on the one hand I can understand.  Boundaries and appropriate expectations are good to have. … Details

Spirituality is Not Somewhere Else

Western culture has taught us that spirituality, religion, belief, faith is something that is separate from daily experience.  There is secular life and then there is spiritual life.  And those who merge the two are notable for their ‘difference.’  Clergy of all faiths, those who dedicate themselves to a cause or way of living are the exceptions that prove the rule.… Details