Dreams don’t need to be lofty ideals or game changing events.  They don’t have to be ‘happily ever after’ or rider towards the sunset.  They can be small amounts of wonder or joy or amazement that you can fit into the palm of your hand. … Details

Just Be

I’m very much into creating, into doing, into making things happen in life and going for what I want.  I’ve always called it ‘adventuring’ although it’s not adrenaline junky stuff.  I’ve ridden in a two-seater helicopter, but I’m not interested in sky diving. … Details

Profound Images

Facebook is full of profound images, those that uplift and those that are a warning of dangers going on around us.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  In fact, in a culture where we are so distanced from each other physically and where local is overwhelming, picking images from the global village makes sense.… Details


How do you identify yourself?  Is it through race, political affiliation, career, social status?  Who are you?  Even if it’s just something you know in your head and in your heart, its worth taking a look at because it colors how you see the world and therefore how the world sees you.… Details


Some relationships are toxic. This is not to blame the other person or people involved, it’s not to say that the choices that got everyone there were wrong or mistaken, nor that the actions were either.  However you got there, the relationship brings out the worst results for your and possibly for everyone, and nothing you do is going to fix it.… Details

Progress on Class

Yesterday I finished up lesson 6 of the class I will be offering through DailyOm.com.  This lesson was on interacting with your Soul Book and it’s always good to write about these things because it forces you to really look deeply and be clear about what you are doing and why so you can present it to someone else. … Details

Slow Down

It’s cliché but also most true that doctors make the worst patients, mechanics drive broken down cars, and those that clean house usually come home to a mess.  What we do for others we rarely do for ourselves.  I’m one of those. … Details

Unexpected smile

Sometimes the unexpected is a good thing.  Somewhere along the line being nice got trampled under the feet of being efficient and being polite became a license for everyone to abuse you.  “The customer is always right” became “the customer has the right to treat you like crap” and so most people wear armor when they leave their houses, try to get the most done in the least amount of time, and wait for the next negative thing to happen. … Details


Have you ever noticed that Forgiveness is something that gets talked about in Hallmark card terminology?  It’s almost always something we should have or should practice, comes with graphics of flowers or butterflies, and promises to be the answer to issues where harm has been done. … Details


I like to think of life as communication.  It is all one grand communication between ourselves and everything else.  An intricate web of doingness to which we are all acting and responding every second of every day.  We are part of it, creating it as we go along. … Details