Love vs. Anger

I often hear or read where people are wanting us to love each other more and that will counter act or even negate the anger that is occurring in the world.  If we just loved more, then anger wouldn’t exist.  I don’t understand where that notion comes from because if you’ve ever been a parent or a pet owner you know first hand that you can love someone or something dearly and still be filled with rage over something they did or didn’t do, said or didn’t say. … Details

Emotions and Actions

2015 is the year of the Goat and the theme is creating an eloquent relationship with our emotions and becoming competent in hearing their wisdom and acting upon it.  With the current tragic events unfolding in France, one of the emotional misconceptions we are taught is being highlighted in bold. … Details

Setting Goals

Most people think of goals as a one sentence statement which labels a bullseye to hit within a specified time.  If the time frame is non-existent then there’s not real impetus to reach the goal, but no real negative for not doing so other than it didn’t get done. … Details

White Flowers

By Mary Oliver   Last night in the fields I lay down in the darkness to think about death, but instead I fell asleep, as if in a vast and sloping room filled with those white flowers that open all summer, sticky and untidy, in the warm fields.… Details

Emotional Competency

In this year of the goat the theme will be about being competent with our emotions. That has nothing to do with controlling them, repressing them, regulating them, or attempting to release them back into the wild.  It’s about being fluent in them, competent to use them just as we’ve (hopefully) become competent at driving our vehicles, using cutlery, and texting (butt dialing not withstanding.) … Details

And So It Begins…

goat-640x480 Or not.  It’s Friday, it’s a long weekend after a long weekend and the holidays have just happened and stuff.  So take a moment to look at things a different way, hang out a bit, clear away the party debris.  If you want to think heavy thoughts about where you’ve been and where you’re going, fine, just don’t work too hard at it. … Details