Choosing No

I’m all about choosing yes.  At some point we have to decide that we’re going to do what we’re here to do, we’re going to reach out for the life we want, we’re going to be happy and we’re going to try to make that happen even if what we choose to do is wrong and we fail and succeed over and over again. …Details

Dive Into The Uknown

There’s a weird Catch 22 that people get into because they want things to change, but they are unwilling to release the death grip they have on them so the change can’t occur.  When prompted they will tell you they are afraid of the unknown and if they could just know what would happen, then they would be ok with letting go. …Details

Body Wisdom

We’re taught to think things through logically, make a plan, implement the plan in a logical manner, and good things will result.  You may even achieve your goal.  Yay!  But what if the goal is to know what is best for you? …Details

People & Behaviors

There are people that we enjoy.  We enjoy doing things with them, we enjoy having them around, and it’s ok when they go as well.  Like migratory birds we know they will be back again or we will join them and so there’s no angst, not worry, no regrets and no drive to do this or that. …Details

Making a New Groove

The holidays can be a treacherous time for those who are actively creating a life that matches who they are becoming.  These days are full of traditions and expectations, triggers and old behaviors, past acts and regrets, and people.  There are people we want to see because we love them, but we wince thinking about their behaviors and that we’re going to have to “deal” with them.…Details

Be Your Own Expert

When a pattern repeats in your life, it’s a good idea to examine that pattern.  There’s something there for you to learn.   But once the learning is done does the pattern automatically stop?  No.  That’s the conventional wisdom on the matter. …Details

How Do I See It

There are a lot of reasons why people make art.  One of them is to have a deep conversation with themselves about whatever they are feeling at that moment in time or what is going on deep inside them.  Another is to find out what they think/feel/mean about something. …Details

Day Of The Dead

The Day of the Dead is one of my most favorite holidays.  It’s a celebration acknowledging the seasonal nature of human life, how nobody is getting out of embodiment alive, so to speak.  🙂  Instead of seeing this as a tragedy, as something to mourn and be afraid of or fight against which steals what time remains and taints the quality of life, this holiday celebrates life in the face of death. …Details

Take Your Costume Off

Happy Halloween everyone!  A great many people see today’s holiday as the day when they can dress up as someone or something else.  It’s the day for costumes and makeup and creativity and fun.  It’s a time of masks. What people don’t think about is that the lives they’ve constructed for themselves is actually the costume.…Details


There is so much symbolism in vampires it has to be grouped into categories:  sexual, destruction/consumption, transformation/assimilation, and parasite.  At this point there is an entire genre of vampires as thinly veiled male sexuality out there and the leading example of them sparkle.…Details