Time for Akashic Summer Reading

Summer is here and hopefully everyone is getting ready to relax, take some time off, and in the case of those of us in the US, prepping to drink and blow things up.  Whoopee!!! So, along with your lighter reading options (and I have my share, don’t worry) why not add a bit of substance? … Details

It Makes You Stronger

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.  Most people use that trite phrase when they don’t know what to say about a situation that was difficult.  They don’t know what to say to survivors.  Things hit too close to home for them, the story makes them uncomfortable, they aren’t able to hold space for someone else’s emotions or experiences or they aren’t able to empathize and so they whip out this quote.… Details

Reading For Others

Many people want to be able to read for others.  Read Akashic records, read Tarot, reach astrology charts….and that’s very good.  Because people need to have them read.  It is helpful in life to get clarity, to get further information, to get advise and support for the issues that are most important to us in life. … Details

The Truth Is In There

wizard-shoesEach of us has a path.  A way of living our life practically in this world that allows our bodies/hearts/minds to harmonize with our soul.  We dub it ‘authenticity’ and some people seek it forever as if it’s somewhere ‘out there’ and needs to be found. … Details

Defining Ourselves

To some this might be a contradiction in terms.  Some people live their lives defined by events, by structural and societal norms and expectations, and through the lens of ‘this is meant to be because this is what happens’.  Some might see this as an overwhelming and daunting task that continues lifelong and can never actually be achieved. … Details

The Akashics and Ancient Texts

My life right now is full of reading. For a subject that very few people know about at this point in time, you would not believe how much information is out there about the Akashics!  I have a small list of books and sites listed on my website on the Resources page and I’ll be adding more shortly, but that’s just a small sampling.… Details