It’s About How You Get There

Wishing it were so doesn’t mean you can stop working and go frolic in meadows for the rest of your life.  Bills still have to get paid and winning the lottery may sound good, but you than have to ‘manage’ all that money which means tax advisors, money managers, and those pesky sudo friends and long lost relatives that all want a to be your best friend. … Details

It’s Not Just About Knowing

It’s not enough to know what the plan is.  You still have to take action.  It’s not enough to read your soul book in the Akashics and know who you are and what you chose to do this time around.  Knowing that won’t create a magic faery wand that blesses you with everything you need and hand you the accomplishment on a platter. … Details

Acting Without Asking

What we think is best, right, good, valuable, or precious is not always similar to how other people see these things.  And this is one of the things that can hurt us the most.  It can be the most damaging to relationships, but not necessarily in the way you might think. … Details

Wanting to Know Why

One of the most often asked questions presented to the Akashic records is “Why?”  Why did this happen?  Was it meant to happen?   Did I know it was going to happen?  What am I supposed to learn from this?  And there is a huge amount of emotional charge around this question because usually the issue that happened was not happy or pleasant or positive in the short or even long term. … Details

Underlying Motivations

Just because someone does something nice or does the right thing, doesn’t necessarily make it a good thing or make the outcome pleasant or appropriate.   On the surface things can seem one way, but the meaning underneath can be something completely different.  … Details

Harmonize with Who You Are

There is magic that happens when you harmonize your thoughts and actions with your dreams.  If you pay attention, while you might at times experience doubt or anxiety or fear or sometimes all three at once, you will notice that over time, and relatively quickly, you will be experiencing excitement, joy, contentment, and a smile that comes out of nowhere and won’t leave. … Details