However Improbable

Ever just get to the point where you’ve tried everything and you’re pulling your hair out and you don’t know what else to do? It’s not that you can see the answer and can’t get there from here, it’s not that you aren’t willing to do whatever it takes, it’s just that nothing has worked and nothing seems to be able to resolve the issue and when all is said and sifted there’s nothing left except that you’re still stuck in the same dang place! … Details

The 1/3 Rule

A rule of thumb that comes in handy when resetting priorities is the 1/3 rule.  Our lives, in general, should be divided into these thirds: personal, family/friends, goals/path/profession.  The most common response to my talking about this rule is laughter because such a thing is obviously impossible for a great many reasons which they can start listing off in priority order. … Details

Selective Priorities

It’s fun watching people take the time they have in any given day and the energy they have to expend in that given day and try to make it into something other than what it is.  You know, making coffee convert into sleep, trying to multitask what will take 3 hours into a 30 minute lunch, and all the work they do for others into something that is nourishing for them personally. … Details

Kick Up Your Heels

It’s the year of the Goat and one of the things this year is meant to remind us of is that we should be kicking up our heels.  You know how kids (kids-baby goats) see something and decide it needs to be climbed on, sat on, moved or played with in all kinds of ways? … Details

And Then Again…

I listen to people…intelligent people…common sensical people…tell me all the details of who their partner is, what they think what they believe in technicolor detail. They tell me exactly what their beloveds won’t approve of, agree with, or support in any way, then tell me that’s exactly how they present things all the time. … Details

Killing the Messenger

I know it seems self-evident but it’s worth mentioning.  It is contradictory to sacrifice yourself for your path.  If there is no you then there is no path.  If the point is for you to achieve the goals you set for yourself, to live a happy and fulfilled life, and to bring your gifts into this world, then hacking off pieces of yourself, sacrificing your happiness, and using yourself up is not the way to get there.… Details

Change Your Mind

One of the hardest things to do is change your mind.  Not about one particular thing or one particular opinion, but actually change it. Change how it functions.  Change how it perceives things, change the assumptions it uses, change the habits it’s built as shortcuts, change the hardwired foundational pieces which we lean on to support us. … Details

Blind Need

Nobody likes being used.  It leaves us with a sick feeling.  It’s like finding your car’s been broken into or someone got into your house.  Things that you valued have been taken, boundaries have been violated.  We feel unsafe and unsure of ourselves. … Details