No – You Have To Change

Well, you don’t.  It’s kinda this weird cause and effect thing.  If you don’t want things to change, then you don’t have to change at all.  Oh, but you do?  Then you have to change.  But there’s nothing wrong with you, you’ve done it all right and it’s everything else that’s garbage? …Details

Body Wisdom

Melody Beattie The New Codependency “Our body has knowledge and wisdom. Listen to what it’s saying. Do we want to touch someone? Do we want them to touch us? Do we move away from someone, back off? Do we cringe when someone touches our arm?…Details

Work Vs. Play

Yes, work is a four letter word.  Yes, being on your path means that work doesn’t feel like work because you enjoy what you do.  Yes, it should make you want to get up in the morning rather than make you want to hit the snooze button and hid under the covers. …Details

The Path Is Wide

My life is about helping people figure out whether they are on their path, what their path is, and what the plan is for following it in the best way possible.  What’s interesting is that most people imagine their path as a tightrope they have to walk and that the problem is they are blindfolded and clumsy and have been spun around a few times so they can’t even tell where the rope is. …Details

Problems Vs. Circumstances

It’s a rule of thumb that we excuse other’s choices and actions as a result of circumstances and yet we blame ourselves for having character flaws and serious problems or issues when we’re in the same spot.  Yes, we’re all responsible for our choices and actions in any given situation but I don’t know how many times people have lashed themselves as if having made do with not only lemons but rotten lemons and still made lemonade is a character flaw which makes them a walking catastrophe instead of the war hero they actually are. …Details

Time to Quit

I’m all about follow through.  Keeping your promises. Do what you say you will do. See things through to the end. All that stuff.  But like with most everything, too much of a good thing can be too much.  Life is not about absolutes and one size rarely fits all and sometimes not even some. …Details

Just Trying To Help

Help is a great thing.  We all need it and usually more often than we ask for it.  Sometimes we get it when we least expect it, sometimes it doesn’t come in the form we thought it would, sometimes it pours in so much that we are overwhelmed by it, and sometimes it comes when it isn’t needed. …Details


I worked with a client who had a recurring dream she was in a prison with barely any light and all she could see were bars or alternately that she was in a forest where all she could see was trees and the light was so dim because the canopy was thick. …Details

Full Service

I’m all for being a productive member of society.  Not so much about the money, but actually being a functioning member of my community.  You know, paying my taxes so we can all have safe roads and bridges and such, helping where help is needed such as donating time and funds to good causes, and making sure what I do to support myself helps others as well as myself. …Details