Emotions Are the Hardest Part

There are two categories of emotions: the kinds we want and the kinds we don’t.  We treat them like pets.  If they behave exactly like we want and are cute and cuddly we reward and pamper them.  If they don’t behave we chastise them and work to correct them or we decide we want nothing to do with them and try to give them away or force them outside to fend for themselves. …Details

Original Grace

Journeys by Heart: A Christology of Erotic Power by Rita Nakashima Brock While feminists are not naïve about human evil and suffering, we understand sin as historically and socially produced, which requires us to take responsibility for understanding and stopping oppression and suffering.…Details

You Never Knew

Sometimes life can take you where you never knew you wanted to go.  That can be a fantastic thing where you meet someone who makes your heart sing, find an amazing sale, come across something you’ve heard about but never had a chance to try, find the perfect camping spot or just see something amazing. …Details

Once I Get There

There’s a well-known rule in corporate management: Be the ruler of your email lest you be ruled.  It’s death by a thousand cuts, the rabbit hole of email where things just keep going and going, the never-ending email thread…you get the picture. …Details

The Cheap Version

You can tell the difference between artisan and mass-produced.  We all can at this point.  Injected plastic vs hand molded, off the conveyor belt vs. just out of the oven, thrown together in sweat shop vs. just off the needles of the person selling it to you.…Details

That Little Irritation

People ask me what direction they should go or how they can figure out what they should be doing with their lives to fully live and be on their path.  Well, we’re headed into spring and one of the things I’ve found that is in harmony with this year of the goat is to pay attention to at least one of those little things that’s been irritating you. …Details

Essence or Education?

Sometimes my clients are resistant to change because they misunderstand what is their essential nature, what they have been taught, and what is a survival mechanism developed through circumstance.  There are those who think they are loners who instead keep themselves isolated because that’s how they learned they can be safe.…Details