Being a father is no easy task and in my lifetime the media seems to be full of stories where fathers either don’t exist, are ‘deadbeats’, abusive, absentee, or derided as stay-at-home.  There doesn’t seem to be anything good to say about Fathers unless you’re talking to someone about ‘family values’ and then you’re not talking about a real father, but about ideals which exist only in the mind.… Details

Your life is a work of art

Everything you do each day paints a picture of you for you to view.  Others can see you as well.  Like looking at one section of a great painting they may only see the background or a bird’s wing or the side of the building they may not understand completely but still they see it. … Details


Our lives are so full of input, experience, constant bombardment.  Some of this is good, some neutral, some bad.  We seem to spend our lives pushing through the neutral and the bad reaching for some small part of good and inside is an entire symphony of thought and emotion and being all moving a swirling and changing with the moment. … Details

Feeling Alone

Few people want to feel alone or lonely.  Even if you are independent and like to take charge, do things on your own, or work in the quiet that doing solitary things provides, you feel better when there are people who understand you and appreciate you.… Details

Fear of Success

Sounds crazy, right?  Who would be afraid of changing their life for the better? Of being successful in what they want to do? But its the truth and the old adage is correct.  Most people prefer ‘the Devil you know’ to whatever is out there that they don’t know. … Details

Trust yourself

I know, I know.  Sounds like all the self-help books out there.  Well, sometimes the self-help books have the right idea.  Here’s the thing, though.  Trusting yourself really means trusting Yourself.  Not all the things that your family and your friends have told you, not the things that social media teaches you, not the things that ‘everyone knows’ are true. … Details

It’s all small stuff

Know that saying ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff.’  Well, yes.  In the end, unless you’re a Marvel comic’s super hero or a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist, it’s all small stuff.  So don’t sweat it.  But do pay attention to it. … Details