Akashic Records

Akashic Records, Akashic Library, Past Lives, Akashics…people use all of these terms to mean the same thing and this can cause quite a bit of confusion.  Each of these is quite different even though they are related.  And each is amazing and worth exploring so here’s a little bit of explanation to help you find your way.… Details

Stick With It

Dreaming is the fun part. We see the end goal, we bask in the glory of achievement, we think about what life will be like once we get there. However the middle part is kinda vague.  You know, that part between where you are now and where you will be when you achieve your dream?… Details

Emotions in Time

Emotions are like water. They are healthiest when they are in movement. They happily live in seeming contradiction, changing in each moment and yet always there within their banks, along the shore, ever-present.  There are times, events, occurences where they act dramatically and create radical change, but for the most part they are simply ever-present.… Details

Stop Doing & Enjoy

It’s such a North American thing to spend a HUGE amount of our waking hours working to ‘get something done’.  There is always a list of things that need doing and only so much time in the day to do them, most of them having nothing to do with fun or living life or enjoyment of any kind. … Details

Explore Your World

Unplug, get up, and get out.  It’s not just about being fit, being connected through disconnecting (ah, technology), or getting back in touch with the world around us, it’s opening our eyes to what is actually around us.  We humans have the privilege and curse to be open to more input than just what is edible and what might want to eat us. … Details

Original Grace

Rita Nakashima Brock, Journeys By Heart Because the very existence of heart is basic to the structure of human life itself and is the basis of our being broken in relationships, we require connections if we are to acknowledge our own broken heart and be healed. … Details


Some people fill their lives with want.  Wanting so many things to be different but making no effort to make things different.  Some people use wanting as a way to distract themselves from what they truly need.  They put their efforts into wanting the newest style, gadget, or thing so that they can’t see that they have actual needs and wants in their lives, because seeing that is too painful. … Details

Status Quo

Over the past couple of months I have worked with quite a few clients that were asking for help in creating the changes in their lives they so desperately needed.  Whether that was healing for their bodies or relief from an emotional issue or resolution to an ancient hurt, they all needed support and permission to make that change happen in their lives. … Details

Sound Meditation

I have been interested in sound meditation practices and sound healing for many years. Many of these practices are beautiful, supportive and very healing. Some of them make me go ??? And others I find just plain silly. But the one question that keeps me puzzled is why people can clearly see the radiating, spherical nature of sound which is produced by instruments such as singing bowls, bells, chimes, symphonies, etc, but do not see this in respect to humans meditating through sound.… Details