Akashic Mentors

One of the things I’ve learned through my own personal experience is that working with mentors in the Akashics never goes the way you think it will go.  Over time this has come to be amusing, mostly at my own expense, but in the moment it can be quite emotional. …Details

Good Endings

No matter what type of spiritual work you’re doing -ceremony, altars, meditation, grace before meals, healing work- the way you end the process needs to be just as graceful and thought out as your start.  I know any number of practitioners that no longer work in group because they raise energy and focus it on a goal and then just walk away from the ceremony without grounding themselves, without releasing connections, and without checking in to make sure that everyone is well and complete and finished with the process. …Details

Finding a Mentor

In non-industrialized, non-urbanized cultures part of the ecosystem is teaching the accumulated wisdom of the elders to the children in order for the entire group/tribe/clan to thrive.  Much of that is very practical such as teaching about weather patterns, how to hunt, fish, plant, harvest, store food, keep livestock, and live in balance with the ecosystem. …Details

Why these parents?

When I look at the notes that a client wrote in their soul book about this life, there are detailed notations about their parents, referring to the embodied beings that brought them into this life.  There are additional notations concerning any adoptive parents and all the other adults that might have had significant input into the persons early childhood and upbringing. …Details

Family Healing

Families have a tendency to hand things down from parents to children.  There’s the admixture of DNA, personality traits, sometimes skills and habits, and then there are the traditions around holidays and special events, the perspectives on how the world works, finances and social status, as well as things. …Details