Gift Giving Secrets

Don’t give what you want, give what they want.  I know, it seems obvious and really simple, but for some it’s a mystery, which is why Christmas, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day are fraught when it comes to the gifts.  How do people get it so wrong so very often? … Details

Resting and Rejuvenating

We tend to think about resting and rejuvenating as going hand in hand.  Mostly because we think that our lack of juve is from being tired so if we get some rest we’ll rejuvenate.  Not always the case, however.  Tiredness or exhaustion can result from many different things and so the resolution for it is not one size fits all. … Details

Hustle And Bustle

Christmas has turned into a very goal oriented holiday over the years.  Months in advance manufacturers and advertisers and retail stores and all types of businesses associated with the holidays work to be prepared for the season.  Then people start gearing up for the season. … Details

Real and Not Real

People like to point out the harsh realities.  Not because anyone is missing them or misunderstanding them, but because somehow they are more real than less harsh realities and therefore have more weight and need more recognition.  Now anyone who knows me will point out that I’m no Pollyanna. … Details

Parental Perspective

At some point in our lives we come to realize that our parents are human beings.  Hopefully…If you haven’t yet…well…sorry.  I hate to point out the facts about Santa.  And don’t anyone tell the people at NORAD.  They think they’re tracking his progress each year. … Details

Holiday Choices Part 1

At various times in my life I have had the opportunity to create holidays from scratch.  Not invent holidays, but create the holiday experience from the ground up.  In college I couldn’t afford to fly home for Thanksgiving so I caught up with some of my fellow students and we would create Thanksgiving for ourselves. … Details

Lost Opportunities

One of the things that client’s ask me about is their lost opportunities.  And at one time I looked at that as a legitimate subject for concern and something I should read and figure out for them.  But what happened is that I looked for the misses and I didn’t find them. … Details

I’ve Got A Secret

I write a lot about the Akashics.  Seems not so much a secret since that’s my business, but what you may not know is that not all that information goes out through my blog or Facebook or Twitter.  Beyond my daily posts on this blog I have a weekly email that goes out on most Saturdays. … Details

Setting Expectations

Rarely are we good at anything the first time out.  Even if we’re a prodigy the first few times we do something are awkward and require a great deal of focus.  Then we practice and practice until it’s second nature.  We may not excel at it, but we can find joy in it and the more we do the more joy we can have in our life.… Details