Animal Guides – Bear

For those people who have difficult, damaged, or non-existent relationships with the person who was/is in the role of mother in your life, Bear is an amazing animal guide or totem to work with.  Bear is incredibly strong, amazingly fast, self-reliant, and capable of judging how much action or inaction is necessary to achieve their goal within an instant.…Details

From The Ideal to the Real

As a child I loved mysteries.  I loved them in books including devouring every Agatha Christie I could get my hands and I loved them in real life.  I was always wondering what was beyond the next bend in the road, what the story was about why specific things, places, organizations existed. …Details

Akashics and the Sexes

Divine MasculineMale/Female, Mars/Venus, Patriarchy/Matriarchy….the experience of being one or the other of these archetypes is a defining characteristic of our being and part of our identity.  This is currently being highlighted by increasing awareness of the LGBTQ community and their struggles for recognition and acceptance. …Details

Healing as a Process

Healing is a process and rarely a linear one.  Even with a scrape or a cut the process usually goes in a linear fashion from bleeding to healed over with new skin right up until something messes with the scab.  We scratch it, it gets snagged on something, somehow the scab comes off and we are two steps back in the process. …Details