But We’re Friends…

The notion of marriage being about romance, about fulfillment of our emotional needs, having anything to do with a soul connection, that’s an amazingly recent development.  It’s really blossomed in the past 150 years, but prior to that, it was a rare notion that was indulged in poetry and fiction, not because it was common or a goal or even attainable, but because it was not those things. …Details

Acting Vs. Reacting

Most of us have people in our lives in some capacity who have their own agenda and need to tear us down, minimize us, keep us off-balance, make us feel incompetent or small or worthless.  They keep us reacting to them, to things that they want, perpetually trying to argue with them, make them see reason, get centered, get with the game plan so things can move forward. …Details

Being Connected

We humans are social creatures.  We’re meant to belong in a variety of ways.  We have connections to our family of origin and make new ones by marriage and by having children.  We create community through our friends and our families of choice. …Details

We Are Divine Source

In the 16th century Rabbi Isaac Luria started teaching about the beginnings of the universe.  God withdrew itself making a space where there was nothing, therefore something could come into being.  Drawing from itself it created urns which it filled with its essence. …Details