Knowing What You Know

How do you know when you’ve found yourself?  That’s the snide question that people ask those who are “trying to find themselves.”  It’s a valid question, snide as it is.  How do you know?  Let’s put it another way.  How much seeking do you need to do until you decide to act on what you’ve found? … Details

Motivational Stories

When we think of motivational stories or speakers we think of the things that inspire us.  The memes and quotes and anecdotes which get us fired up or at least make us feel better about our day.  And for most people these are like sparkling stars in the night sky. … Details

Missed Connections

If we’re doing it right our lives are a tapestry of interconnections.  “Everything’s connected” and alla that.  Being connected means that our actions affect not only us but others in big and small and every size in between ways and not everyone is going to like the effects of our actions.… Details

Stop Digging the Hole

Taking responsibility for the results of our actions, our attitudes, our perspectives and our behaviors is necessary for good health and healthy relationships.  Of course, life wouldn’t be half as fun or irony filled if we did that on a consistent basis. … Details

In The In Between

Ever notice that we don’t step right on the doorway into a room or a building?  We step from this space to that space without actually touching the door frame.  Sometimes we lean on the door frame to talk with someone or wait to get someone’s attention (*cough* teenagers *cough*) but even then if you look, the feet are usually either in one room or another. … Details

Now What Do I Do?

So what do you do when you’ve done everything you can think of and the issue is still there?  When you’ve asked for guidance and keep getting the same indecipherable answer, when you’ve tried everything that is logical, unlogical, inspired and desperate, and nothing makes a dent, when the movement you get is so infinitesimal that it doesn’t count, what then?… Details

One Step Forward

We’re taught that progress is the point, that going forward is good, that backwards is bad, and that we should always keep moving.  Then we get stuck and can’t seem to go forwards, can’t seem to fix what’s wrong, can’t move in the direction we want to be going and everything seems to fall apart. … Details