Meaning Vs. Judgement

In this year of the Horse we may feel encouraged or challenged to experience the difference between meaning and judgement.  This magnificent brain of ours is constantly sifting and sorting through all the information our senses bring to us and making meaning out of them. …Details

Horse Teachings

For most of us, when we think about horse we think about beauty and freedom and joy.  It’s about the movement.  They are gorgeous and yet strong and so fast, by our standards.  They wouldn’t beat a cheetah in a race, but that’s not the point.…Details

Week 2 and…

…how’s it going with those resolutions?   For those who made them on New Year’s Eve, this is usually the week where real life and common sense kick in, where routine and habit take over, and they get put out with the rest of the holiday decorations to be resurrected next year. …Details


The concept of WindHorse (Lungta in Tibetan) is a description of the spirit within each human being.  It is the basic goodness within us seen as energy, as the motivational force for all that we do.  I find the symbol of horse to be amazingly apt when we are talking about human nature, almost stunningly so. …Details

White Horse

In a large number of cultures and spiritualities white animals are seen as sacred.  They are seen as messengers from spiritual beings or as messages themselves of a spiritual nature.  One of the more recent instances of this is the White Buffalo calf which is a blessing from Spirit and a harbinger of the coming new age of peace. …Details


RhiannonRhiannon is a goddess from Welsh mythology that has come to represent the relationship aspects of Horse.  Her story in the first branch of the Mabinogion is about her as a beautiful and powerful woman and her relationships.  She marries, she has a child, and she loses that child for a time through no fault of her own. …Details


EponaIn thinking about this year of the Horse, I tend to think about the spiritual beings associated with horses.  Epona is an ancient Celtic goddess originally from the region of Germany.  She symbolizes and embodies the interconnectivity/trust/love/family of the herd.  She was most often depicted with mares and foals and is thought to have been their patron saint, so to speak. …Details

Passion Vs. Logic

This is the year of the Horse.  Specifically the year of the Wood Horse – of green and growing things, of earth energies and grounded realities. But it’s still Horse.  And Horses are about passion.  About feelings and reactions vs. logic and deeply thought out plans. …Details