Our Truth Isn’t Physics

Part of the meaning and structure we make from the input we get is informed by our experiences.  From the time we are born we are gathering data and spinning a life out of it.  And this is a good thing otherwise our life would become a weird and very painful version of Ground Hog’s Day where we kept doing things, forgetting that we had already done them and what the ramifications of them were. …Details

Spiritual Path

When we talk about things, a lot of times we talk in black and white examples, in extremes, using these as symbols for the concepts we are trying to convey.  Like all politicians are corrupt and all aid organizations are altruistic and successful and all scientists are single-minded and socially inept. …Details

What is Shamanism?

I have a strongly negative reaction to the terms ‘shaman’ and ‘shamanism’ as do most Native Americans.  And there are several reasons for that.  The most general is that almost 100% of people who are claiming to be shamans are just trying to get money from people. …Details

Random Happenings or Skill Building?

A common question I get asked by clients is “Why did X period of my life have to happen?”  It’s usually something that took 5/10/20 years, seems from the perspective of cultural norms to have been a failure to achieve the standard goal, and to have nothing to do with the current phase of life that the client is in or not be related in any way to what they want out of life. …Details

Dreams Are Not One Size Fits All

Clients, friends and family come to me to talk about their dreams.  I’ve worked with them extensively for decades and while each dream is unique to the dreamer, I usually can provide some insight that they might not have come to on their own or point them in the right direction to get the most from the message.…Details

Hearing but not Listening

Because of the multitudinous amounts of input we receive every day we have learned coping skills for wading through it and deflecting what we can’t deal with or want to hold onto for later.  One of these skills is using our ears to hear what is incoming, but decoupling the mental ‘listening’ faculty from this so that we either don’t have to process the information or can minimally deal with it. …Details

The Akashics is Not Just a Library

Most people, when learning about or working with the Akashics are dealing directly with the Akashic Library.  Which makes sense because most people doing so are looking for answers, working on self-exploration, seeking healing, etc., etc., etc.  As the Library holds a great many answers and beings who can help people find the answers, it makes sense to focus there. …Details

Change Resistant

I focus a lot on self-improvement and self actualization in my blogs.  Mostly because it’s the one thing any of us has control over.  However, in this year of the Snake where we’re being challenged to make deep internal changes and transitions, I think it’s worth talking about some externals as well. …Details