Find Your Own Rhythm

You have goals, you have dreams, you know what you want your life to look like someday, but is it even possible to get there from here?  Someday isn’t now and there’s just so much that has to get done.  You’ve got priorities and responsibilities and so many people depend on you…Besides, this is what life is supposed to be like right?… Details

Created Life

We tend to see life as happening to us and point to the moments when we made free will conscious choices to go right or left or straight on to sunrise as few and far between, as life markers that show where we changed course. … Details

Who Farted?

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people talk about healing deep core issues in a way that makes it sound like they just farted and they don’t want to have anybody else smell it.  “I just want to release and let it go. … Details

When It’s Done

How do you know when something is done?  For some things it’s easy like most online games.  There’s a goal to achieve and once you’ve achieved it you’re done.  Or like school, once the year is done, the course work is done, the degree is done, you’re done. … Details


Something I run across frequently is self-abuse. There is quite a bit of focus out there in the world on how people abuse each other.  Whether it is explicit through trolling, war, bar fights, domestic violence, or the plethora of prejudices out there, we are bombarded with information about how we abuse each other on a semi-regular basis. … Details

Too Caring

Most everyone has heard of co-dependence whether they actually know what it means or not.  Thank you, Intervention.  It seems so much like caring for the other person.  They have such troubles and can’t seem to get out of them, everyone needs support sometimes and so it’s necessary to help them through this time and the next and whatever they need in the future, and there are plenty of reasons why they aren’t grateful, don’t respond appropriately, and get a pass on bad behavior. … Details

Need Vs. Use

“They need me.” This is something I hear from clients in conjunction with should I move here or there, should I get a big place or a small place, should I plan for them or not. It could be in reference to aging parents, grandchildren, adult children, or a partner. … Details

Honoring Those Who Have Served

In the US today is the national holiday where we are supposed to honor and acknowledge those who have served.  There will be parades and parties, tons of flags flown, speeches made, and lots of flash and show.  All of which is great, because they deserve to be honored and remembered and acknowledged. … Details


It’s a common issue with scientific exploration to withhold judgement or truth claims until you can be sure you understand the nature of the thing you are studying.  So much of the wrangling in scientific communities is not about the data (although that’s a thing. … Details

Four of Pentacles

The general public has been taught to be thrilled and or scared by the Death card and to a lesser extent the Tower.  These are harbingers of powerful changes and transformations having just passed, in process, or heading their way.  However, there are other cards which are far more prosaic and more problematic. … Details