Back in the day

One of the more significant issues facing White Western cultures today is elder care.  It’s not that people didn’t become elderly before now.  It’s not that there are necessarily more of them becoming elderly than there were before, although that is due to start here relatively shortly due to the Baby Boomers. … Details

Hollow Bone

Being spiritual doesn’t mean being better than others.  It doesn’t require that you live an ascetic life.  It doesn’t mean that you have risen above everyone else.  On the contrary.  What it means is that you look at yourself and see clearly who and what you are: a human being like everyone else.… Details


Anger in our culture is such a divisive emotion.  Besides the fact that it is over used and abused in the media because of the drama factor, people have such striking opinions about it.  Some feel that it should only be displayed in private, behind closed doors and only to the person or persons involved with it. … Details

One thing to change

What is the one thing you are going to change today? Our being in the Universe requires that we move and do because we need to eat and eliminate and breath.  We are home to millions of organism that live with us symbiotically on, around and in our bodies. … Details

What if?

What if things had been different?  There is a great segway in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun where the main character says “Any little change along the way and I would be somewhere else.  I would be different.” The camera pans across her writing desk which holds mementos from her life’s journey from misery and divorce to family and happiness. … Details


Dreams don’t need to be lofty ideals or game changing events.  They don’t have to be ‘happily ever after’ or rider towards the sunset.  They can be small amounts of wonder or joy or amazement that you can fit into the palm of your hand. … Details

Just Be

I’m very much into creating, into doing, into making things happen in life and going for what I want.  I’ve always called it ‘adventuring’ although it’s not adrenaline junky stuff.  I’ve ridden in a two-seater helicopter, but I’m not interested in sky diving. … Details

Profound Images

Facebook is full of profound images, those that uplift and those that are a warning of dangers going on around us.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  In fact, in a culture where we are so distanced from each other physically and where local is overwhelming, picking images from the global village makes sense.… Details


How do you identify yourself?  Is it through race, political affiliation, career, social status?  Who are you?  Even if it’s just something you know in your head and in your heart, its worth taking a look at because it colors how you see the world and therefore how the world sees you.… Details


Some relationships are toxic. This is not to blame the other person or people involved, it’s not to say that the choices that got everyone there were wrong or mistaken, nor that the actions were either.  However you got there, the relationship brings out the worst results for your and possibly for everyone, and nothing you do is going to fix it.… Details