Problems Vs. Circumstances

It’s a rule of thumb that we excuse other’s choices and actions as a result of circumstances and yet we blame ourselves for having character flaws and serious problems or issues when we’re in the same spot.  Yes, we’re all responsible for our choices and actions in any given situation but I don’t know how many times people have lashed themselves as if having made do with not only lemons but rotten lemons and still made lemonade is a character flaw which makes them a walking catastrophe instead of the war hero they actually are. … Details

Time to Quit

I’m all about follow through.  Keeping your promises. Do what you say you will do. See things through to the end. All that stuff.  But like with most everything, too much of a good thing can be too much.  Life is not about absolutes and one size rarely fits all and sometimes not even some. … Details

Just Trying To Help

Help is a great thing.  We all need it and usually more often than we ask for it.  Sometimes we get it when we least expect it, sometimes it doesn’t come in the form we thought it would, sometimes it pours in so much that we are overwhelmed by it, and sometimes it comes when it isn’t needed. … Details


I worked with a client who had a recurring dream she was in a prison with barely any light and all she could see were bars or alternately that she was in a forest where all she could see was trees and the light was so dim because the canopy was thick. … Details

Full Service

I’m all for being a productive member of society.  Not so much about the money, but actually being a functioning member of my community.  You know, paying my taxes so we can all have safe roads and bridges and such, helping where help is needed such as donating time and funds to good causes, and making sure what I do to support myself helps others as well as myself. … Details

Thinking Vs. Knowing

I run up against the disparity between thinking and knowing all the time when working with clients.  I’ll be reading along in a book explaining in detail what they need to do to accomplish what they are asking to achieve and they will interrupt with, “But I’ve already done that. … Details

Broke Or Out of Shape?

Something that I find interesting is that many of my clients explain to me a trait they’ve discovered in themselves that is tripping them up and obviously a flaw in their character that needs to be fixed.  Unless they feel that they are tragically broken and can’t fix it therefore they need to work around it somehow or be doomed forever. … Details

The Cardboard Cutout

Since I’m on a roll with ways in which we seem to be connecting with and honoring others while not actually doing that, I’ve got a couple of more for you: “You’re perfect” and “I’m so proud of you”.  I mean, what could be wrong with being seen as perfect or having someone be proud of who you are and what you do. … Details