But What If?

It’s great to be able to see the big picture and to look at all the possible outcomes of taking this action or that.  It’s a great way to make a plan of action, but looking at all the components and possibilities and putting things together from the best of all of it. … Details

Spirituality Like Old Jeans

…fabulous for being lived in.  😉 I’m currently reading The Gift of Kabbalah: Discovering the Secrets of Heaven, Renewing Your Life on Earth by Tamar Frankiel and I love how she speaks about this universal truth: All of us have the gifts we need to reflect the image of God, each in our own unique way.… Details

The Lost Pieces

A client’s comment reminded me of this recently.  They said their mother had died when they were between 3-4 years old and so they didn’t have that experience of having a mom in their lives.  They had a wicked-stepmonster (my word) who was a defining presence in their life, but not in a good way. … Details

Emotional Scapegoats

It’s very much true that we should actually listen to our emotions, hear what they have to say, and weigh that wisdom with the other voices going on inside us to find our soul’s path.  Sometimes that means doing what we feel like doing in the moment because that freedom allows us to unfold, sometimes it’s getting tall and strong by taking on a challenge that leads us to feeling victorious and accomplished and vindicated. … Details

Emotions Are the Hardest Part

There are two categories of emotions: the kinds we want and the kinds we don’t.  We treat them like pets.  If they behave exactly like we want and are cute and cuddly we reward and pamper them.  If they don’t behave we chastise them and work to correct them or we decide we want nothing to do with them and try to give them away or force them outside to fend for themselves. … Details

Original Grace

Journeys by Heart: A Christology of Erotic Power by Rita Nakashima Brock While feminists are not naïve about human evil and suffering, we understand sin as historically and socially produced, which requires us to take responsibility for understanding and stopping oppression and suffering.… Details

You Never Knew

Sometimes life can take you where you never knew you wanted to go.  That can be a fantastic thing where you meet someone who makes your heart sing, find an amazing sale, come across something you’ve heard about but never had a chance to try, find the perfect camping spot or just see something amazing. … Details

Once I Get There

There’s a well-known rule in corporate management: Be the ruler of your email lest you be ruled.  It’s death by a thousand cuts, the rabbit hole of email where things just keep going and going, the never-ending email thread…you get the picture. … Details