Loving Kindness

It’s interesting to be writing about Chesed from the Kabbalah Tree of Life during the Christmas season.  Chesed is the home of loving kindness, benevolent rule, grace, majesty and so many things which this time of year is supposed to epitomize.… Details

Giving What You Want

You know that old joke that the cliché husband gives his wife tools for Christmas because he knows she won’t use them so he’ll get to?  Yeah.  That’s giving people what you want.  Sometimes it works out because you and the receiver have similar taste or like exactly the same things, but most of the time it’s a negative.… Details

The Art of Giving

‘Tis the holiday season and a great many people face the same annual conundrum: WTF do I get them?!!!!   Others just KNOW what to get so-and-so and still others are going to get them what they have always gotten them.  Some people are hard to shop for, others are amazingly easy, and still others are easy if they would #@$(*&#$^# stop buying things for themselves during the holidays. … Details

Oh The Stories They Tell

Our left brain, the logic side of things, is a problem solver.  It helps us get from here to there, helps us understand cause and effect, keeps us safe and heads us in the right direction.  For the most part it’s not creative at all which is why it shouldn’t be in charge of making the big decisions. … Details

Depth Perception

There is comfort in knowing who we are, where we’re headed, and what the path ahead holds for us.  I’m all for it.  Well, with one caveat.  We can’t know what we don’t know so we can only know who were are in this moment and who we have been. … Details

Check Before You Act

This is one of the loudest seasons of the year.  Besides the bellowing of advertising, the adnauseum caroling and the inner voice adding this/that/the other thing to an escalating to do list there’s all the events and the cards and the phone calls and the emails. … Details

2 Separate Lives

Privacy and hidden identities are something we deal with more and more in our daily lives.  They used to be the stuff of super heroes with Batman’s mask and Clark Kent’s glasses.  Now we have the Arrow, Arsenal, the Canary, the Flash weekly. … Details