A Spoonful of Sugar

Slaying Our Dragons - Finding Joe MoviePeople love the hero’s journey.  It’s the stuff of legends and oral history, religions and movies, novels and poetry, spiritual memes and merchandising empires.  We love the thought of going out on a quest to find something and then failing or succeeding (depending on if you prefer comedy or tragedy) and coming home to tell the tale. …Details

Just This Once

In the movie Murphy’s Romance, Emma explains the nuances of checking a horse’s teeth including getting them to open their mouths by inserting a finger into the gap between their teeth, then moving their tongue aside one way and then the other. …Details

No is a Valid Answer

We all get frustrated sometimes because we seem to be doing it all right.  We’re holding our intention, we taking right action, we’re being open to the universe, we’re doing what we’ve been asked to do, and still the thing we most want isn’t manifesting. …Details

We Are Merely Players

Who we are is not these material concerns, these attachments, desires, fears or needs. We are much, much more and these things are but minute fragments of our very rich and exponentially expansive lives as souls.  It is as if we are angels acting in a play we are hurriedly writing, along with the other actors, even as we are one of the actors. …Details

Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway?

There are times when I listen to friends or clients and the entire story they are relating is about someone else.  It’s a narrative of “them” and “they” and what they did and what they should or shouldn’t feel or think or be or react…  I listen to this, at least for a while, waiting for there to be something that connects the narrative to the narrator. …Details

Over Balancing

We’re taught that our brains are our biggest assets.  They are what make human beings the top, or almost top, of the food chain and why we can manage, or mismanage, the earth.  We are thinking beings thinking all the time about everything whether it be passively through watching TV and movies, playing video games, interacting at each other on social media, actually interacting with other beings, working, planning for our future, problem solving, doing the necessary things to keep our homes and our lives running, we are always thinking.…Details

Akashic Library Explorations

Ever get so focused on something you do all the time that you forget to smell the roses?  Yeah, happens to me too.  I focus so much on working with client’s soul books and teaching students how to read their soul books and how to navigate the Akashic landscape and work with mentors that I tend to forget other really fun and incredible aspects.…Details