Emotional Dissonance

“Ok, so I’m being in the moment with my emotions and listening to them, but what the heck are they saying and what does it mean?????!!!!”  Every time I talk about emotional process and logic and knowing I try to emphasize that it looks and acts nothing like the brain, which is where we are currently living the majority of our lives. … Details

Adjust As Necessary

Life isn’t a straight line goal.  No matter how committed we are, no matter how much we strive, the nature of life is more Fibonacci than number line, more Hokey Pokey than line dancing. 🙂  Which means that no matter how well you’re doing or how far you’ve gotten, periodically you’ve got to pause, take stock, and readjust things. … Details

But We’re Friends…

The notion of marriage being about romance, about fulfillment of our emotional needs, having anything to do with a soul connection, that’s an amazingly recent development.  It’s really blossomed in the past 150 years, but prior to that, it was a rare notion that was indulged in poetry and fiction, not because it was common or a goal or even attainable, but because it was not those things. … Details