Understanding vs. Agreement

It is common for people to use the word understand as a replacement for agree.  Understanding is a word that has developed a flexibility that allows politicians, public figures, and long suffering family members forced together at the holidays to get away with intricate dance of avoiding agreement with someone or something, curtailing further discussion, while simultaneously moving towards something they actually want whether that be nuclear disarmament or more pie. … Details

Actions Vs. Actions

“Actions speak louder than words.”  At some point in our lives we’ve all heard this.  It comes up in all kinds of contexts.   It shows up most pointedly in politics but it’s a common place issue between people who have authority and/or power and those who are affected by authority and/or power. … Details

Follow Your Heart

Ever experience a time when you’re doing something and you realize you’ve forgotten about time all together? Have you found you have a smile on your face that’s been there for a while now and you are just totally enthralled in what you are doing? … Details