It’s In How You Ask The Question

Many times we either ask questions that are too general or too specific.  Asking if the person is the right person to be dating right now is probably too specific.  And you probably already know the answer.  And your guides are probably going *face palm*  Asking what type of people you should be dating, should you be dating right now, how to find the right person to date, these are all great questions because they are to the point, but general enough that you can actually get good information and action items from them. …Details

Sometimes It’s Not Your Lesson

We are by nature self-centered.  It’s a survival mechanism.  The world is neither dangerous nor safe, but if we don’t look where we’re driving or drive where we’re looking bad things can happen.  So you can think of it more as self-preservation rather than self-centeredness, but this necessity skews our perceptions of the world as does the fact that we are discreet entities inside bodies. …Details

Stand There

We are so action oriented.  It’s hard to be patient.  It’s hard to surrender.  It’s really hard to just let things play out.  But really, sometimes there is nothing to do.  Or in doing we miss out on what was the actual point of the exercise. …Details

But It Didn’t Work Last Time…

We talk about careers, paths, and life works as if they are linear.  As if each thing we do builds to the next and the next in a nice progression.  Or that it’s something like Eat/Pray/Love where we just aren’t listening to what we should be doing and even though the path may seem crazy and chaotic it’s actually leading in a linear way to our goal.…Details

Another Slant of Akashic

Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) has published a new article on the Akashics.  It’s  adapted from Kevin J. Todeschi’s book Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records: The Book of Life, and is a good summary of Edgar Cayce’s take on the Akashics and the view point of the Association. …Details

Spiritual Timing

People talk about the manifestation process as if it’s a magic wand they need to locate and then everything will just appear.  Pop!  Well, it just isn’t so.  It might be that way if the world was actually a mechanism like science has taught us to believe. …Details

New Article About Spirit Guides has published an article by yours truly which is on Spirit Guides and how to work with them. You can find it here: AllThingsHealing.con a great website providing articles about everything you might be interested in when living a holistic life from green living to spiritual practices to healing modalities. …Details

How come….

“How come other people are able to follow their path so easily and I have to struggle so hard?”  “How come other people get what they want without trying and I’m still stuck?”  “How come other people are lucky and I’m not?” “How come….” First, stop comparing. …Details