Christmas Eve

Please be safe if you’re traveling.  Be careful about weather conditions, make sure you’re paying attention to the road instead of what you need to do or forgot to do, and that the children are only suitably bored and restless because if given enough reason they could plot something that might make traveling less-safe for all.… Details

Going Through The Motions

Christmas is almost here.  Yay!!!! Let the shopping panic mania begin.  LOL…ahem….*cough*  I mean.  Yay!!! Christmas. We humans are creatures of habit and we are social.  This means that we will tend to do what we have always done and what everyone else is doing or what other people that we value tell us we should do. … Details

Finding Your Light

People will do a lot of crazy things in order to not confront what they fear.  They will cart around elephants, plant them in the middle of the room, then steadfastly ignore them.  Heaven help us if multiple people bring elephants because they become exponentially difficult for everyone else to ignore when they begin rough housing with each other and things get broken.… Details

Your Light

It’s common to see the Holidays as the big 3:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  There are, of course, others in and around that time including Hanukkah and Kwanza and New Years which keeps us all on our toes and reminds us that the holidays are about more than merchandising. … Details