Sometimes Love is Not Enough

You can know what a person needs, but not be able to get them to accept it.  You can know what would resolve a person’s problem and not be able to fix it for them.  You can be ready and able to help, continue to provide help and support and love, and yet the person never seems to get ahead or get better or get what they need.  … Details

Religious Sacred Spaces

Religious sacred spaces seek to create structures which reflect or bring into physical existence their specific understanding of the cosmos.  Since ancient times religions have utilized monumental forms to create sacred space.  Mountainous structures and immense sculptures made from stones of the earth express the experience of yearning for the divine. … Details

Sacred Places in Nature

“…landscapes of the holy (are) centers of inspiration where human consciousness is temporarily set free.  The experience of a sacred place and thus sacredness itself is re-entry into a state of wholeness – an introduction to your true origins.” –T.C. McLuhan “Sacred place…is a construction of the imagination that affirms the independence of the holy.”… Details

Religion, Spirituality, and the way to…whatever

I had a student ask me a question about religion and belief concerning the Akashics.  They had been called to minister in a religion and had done so for decades and then, through experiences and events and thought, had found that they no longer believed what they had been teaching and speaking and so felt confused and betrayed and didn’t know what to think about their calling. … Details

Irritating Why Questions

So much of our focus is on what we are being told and how much and trying to screen it out and get to the things we want to talk about or have anything to do with at all.  It becomes the two-sided coin information onslaught/embarrassment of information riches  that we have to struggle with each day. … Details

Fear of Happiness

“I’m not so afraid of losing something that I won’t try havin’ it” — Zoe Washburn Firefly I love that quote and it resounds with me.  In a lesser form its the answer I give when people ask me how I can possibly go to events, concerts, plays, or even dinner by myself. … Details

You can’t stop change

Recently I’ve heard a lot about the different ways that people deal with emotional situations and the truth and change.  It seems that, while change is inevitable and healthy, people are afraid of it and want to avoid it, postpone it, or ignore it, sometimes at all costs. … Details

Healing is relational

Very few people manage to be islands of isolation.  It takes a great deal of personal effort, skill, and geography to pull that off.  Not just because you need to be able to live off the grid, live off the land, and be fully self-sufficient in everything you could possibly need, but because we are visual beings and isolation requires that no one can even see you, because being seen is still interaction.… Details