Power & The Divine Masculine

The mind is an amazing thing.  We use it to make meaning out of our experiences and then extrapolate from that meaning an understanding of things beyond our experience.  We imagine what could be possible and then set ourselves to discover if that is true, making more meaning, understanding the world just a bit more, and so on and so on. … Details

Geb and Nut

It is common for people to talk about the Earth, meaning the ecosystem we live in as well as the planet we are on, as our mother.  The metaphors and symbols used include putting things into her, her being the creative resource for all life, things bursting forth from her womb, water being her blood, stone being her bones, needing to be kind and thankful to her for her bounty, momma getting angry and being punishing when we do wrong, on ad on and on. … Details

The Divine Masculine

For decades it has been portrayed to us that women becoming empowered, becoming equal, becoming ‘non-traditional’ was somehow challenging to men, ‘us vs. them’, and a new facet of the War of the Sexes.  Because there is a finite amount of power in the world and if women had some, then men couldn’t have it. … Details

Time To Go Deeper

There are a lot of practitioners out there who work with a technique or a practice and have been doing so for years.  Soul healers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, aura readers, tarot readers, you name it, there are people out there practicing it. … Details