Soul Journeys

Every soul has its own path that it walks.  Each has a unique affinity, a style, a way of being in the Universe that is its own.  Some are similar, others complimentary, many harmonize, balance, or support each other.  And most work for the best possible good for themselves and all around them. …Details


Everything is interconnected.  Practitioners of Chinese medicine and holistic healing have known this for millennia.  Native American healers have work with these principles today to help people understand that the symptoms can only be cured when you find the actual issue and work to cure that. …Details

Fear is worse than the reality

We are the most creative beings ever.  We create alternate worlds in our own minds where things happen, people interact, and the world turns completely differently from our experience in our bodies.  Which is an amazing tool for spinning dreams and creating goals, for surviving terrifying and abusive or even deadly situations, and for making the most boring situation just a little bit brighter. …Details

Soul Challenges

In working with clients I spend quite a bit of time helping them unlearn the logic that the world has taught them.  You know, the stuff everyone knows, the common wisdom you learn from school, the things the media drums into our head, etc, etc. …Details


No, not the stuff in your pocket or at the bottom of your purse.  And not the “change your life today or else” speech or the “you will survive this catastrophic event” speech.  I think there’s enough of those around to fill the Library of Congress, thank you very much. …Details