Original Grace

Rita Nakashima Brock, Journeys By Heart Because the very existence of heart is basic to the structure of human life itself and is the basis of our being broken in relationships, we require connections if we are to acknowledge our own broken heart and be healed. … Details


Some people fill their lives with want.  Wanting so many things to be different but making no effort to make things different.  Some people use wanting as a way to distract themselves from what they truly need.  They put their efforts into wanting the newest style, gadget, or thing so that they can’t see that they have actual needs and wants in their lives, because seeing that is too painful. … Details

Status Quo

Over the past couple of months I have worked with quite a few clients that were asking for help in creating the changes in their lives they so desperately needed.  Whether that was healing for their bodies or relief from an emotional issue or resolution to an ancient hurt, they all needed support and permission to make that change happen in their lives. … Details

Sound Meditation

I have been interested in sound meditation practices and sound healing for many years. Many of these practices are beautiful, supportive and very healing. Some of them make me go ??? And others I find just plain silly. But the one question that keeps me puzzled is why people can clearly see the radiating, spherical nature of sound which is produced by instruments such as singing bowls, bells, chimes, symphonies, etc, but do not see this in respect to humans meditating through sound.… Details


I’m still puzzling over some interactions I had with friends of mine. I hadn’t seen them in a while and I was looking forward to catching up with them with some reservations.  We have had disagreements in the past about issues that were important to all of us and haven’t always gotten along well, but I was hoping that we could make this occasion a time of fun and reconnection.… Details

Is it Luck?

Although we don’t control the Universe, we don’t make the world around us, and we don’t live at the center of everything, we do create a bit of our own reality through how we think and what we believe.  Because how we interact with the world around us is based on our thoughts and beliefs as well as our feelings and desires. … Details

Asking is only half of it

You don’t get what you don’t ask for.  Many times we’re given surprise gifts from friends, family, strangers, or just the Universe in general.  But for the most part, if we actually want something, we need to ask for it, even if we just ask ourselves if this is something we’re actually going to do. … Details

Good boundaries make good neighbors

It sometimes amazes me the games that people play with each other.  And by games I don’t mean fun sports, but weird, anti-social, passive aggressive actions that produce mediocre results at best and definitely bring on drama.  Neighbors are people who live near each other, not through specific choice, but through a culmination of each individuals choices which brought them to this moment in time. … Details

Path of Least Resistance

We have all heard negative things about the path of least resistance.  It’s the cowards way out the lazy way to go, the easy way that gets minimal or no results and lets you just cruise through life.  Nothing worth doing is easy and we should all work hard to get what we want. … Details