Good boundaries make good neighbors

It sometimes amazes me the games that people play with each other.  And by games I don’t mean fun sports, but weird, anti-social, passive aggressive actions that produce mediocre results at best and definitely bring on drama.  Neighbors are people who live near each other, not through specific choice, but through a culmination of each individuals choices which brought them to this moment in time. … Details

Path of Least Resistance

We have all heard negative things about the path of least resistance.  It’s the cowards way out the lazy way to go, the easy way that gets minimal or no results and lets you just cruise through life.  Nothing worth doing is easy and we should all work hard to get what we want. … Details


Are a doorway or path to good intentions Are mirrors of the self Are places for personal devotion Give substance to faith Give form to the formless and visually represent the divine Nourish the longings of our hearts Give tangible connection to the divine Bring feelings and thoughts into full consciousness Make us mindful Bridge the division between self and Other Make visible what is invisible… Details

The Power of the Truth

We are social creatures.  For most of us we crave and thrive on connection and socialization.  We are hard-wired to seek out the approval and support of others and to build community.  And like any other endeavor in life, sometimes we will be successful, sometimes we will fail, and most of the time we will fall somewhere in between because it’s a process and not a goal, it’s a state of being that is constantly changing and becoming and ending and starting.… Details

Between Places

Transition spaces and events have held mystical significance for millennia.  Doorways, crossroads, public meeting places, village squares, windows, mirrors, archways, bridges….all of them suggest to us transitions from one place to another, one state to another, one moment in time to another. … Details

When something changes, start over

“My life will never be the same”.  The media pushes stories of grief and shock, of tragedy and anguish over and over again until we seem awash in devastation.  Because it sells advertising.  Because, like a police officer giving a ticket, a car wreck on the side of the road, or any kind of real or metaphorical train wreck, we aren’t able to tear ourselves away from the story.… Details

Be Seen

So many of us hide what we are.  We can feel as if being big, being our true and magnificent selves is too much.  We won’t fit in, we’re too egotistical, we’re being selfish, etc, etc.  Sometimes we hide for practical or professional reasons. … Details

Art and the Sacred

Making art is one way in which we discover a part of our secret selves.  To create something requires us to move past logic and masks and rules and social structures into our true selves.  It allows us to speak with our inner being in a language that is wholly our own.… Details

Fair Exchange

Teachers of Reiki have a rule, they don’t offer reduced rates or coupons or ‘special deals’ because you get what you pay for.  What you offer in recompense (money/service/trade) shows how much you value the thing you are receiving.  And most teachers are not into teaching students who act as if their eduction is a cheap nicknack from a tourist shack. … Details

Souls Are Large

Souls are much larger than any one body can contain.   It would be nearly impossible to fit all that we are into one body.  And our souls are so dense with knowledge about the Universe and who we are that it would make living our lives, learning our lessons, living our dreams nearly impossible. … Details