Understanding Vs. Knowing

It’s common for my clients to want to understand what is going on with them.  They have a problem and they want a solution.  Often they understand the situation, they understand how they got to this place and they understand what they should be doing and what should work, but they can’t or it doesn’t. … Details

For Better Or For Worse

There are some common themes that I point out to people who are in a relationship (married/living together/long-term committed) that they sometimes over look.  One is that a relationship is a bit like walking.  If someone is really moving forward in their life, being challenged, growing, having personal issues, then the other isn’t. … Details

Step Into Yourself

I remember one particular evening.  I was deep into my studies with the elders of my people and studying with others who has niche knowledge in specific areas at which I was becoming adept.  Doing a lot of study and personal work stirs things up. … Details

Guilty Pleasure

The concept of a guilty pleasure is that it’s something we shouldn’t want, shouldn’t indulge in, yet we do. We should be better than this/that/the other but we’re not.  So we indulge in private or incognito separating out how we want to be seen from who we really are. … Details

Yes, I know but…

People think that being a contortionist requires a physical aptitude or quirk of nature, talent and a lot of practice.  Which is true if you’re wanting to be part of Cirque Du Soleil.  What most people don’t realize is that they are natural contortionists. … Details

Where Is The Enjoy?

It seems as if we’re really uncomfortable with the being of something.  I’ve been noticing this recently. If someone is enjoying something other people get uncomfortable and need to insert themselves, often in a negative way.  This is a common theme in the world of geekdom where people spend a great deal of time energy and money to enjoy themselves and the response from others is generally “Oh, you like that. … Details

The Pendulum Swing

On one end of the pendulum swing there’s the top out point of nothing and then on the other there’s the top out point of everything.  In between the two there’s all the stuff that’s well…in between.  Somewhere in there, sometimes in the exact middle and sometimes not, there’s just the right mix not only for our right now, but for our tomorrow and beyond. … Details

My Vibration

You know how some things just go well together like chocolate and ice cream or chocolate and coffee or ice cream and coffee?  But other things make very weird combinations that can have unintended results like soda and Mentos?  Fun but probably best done outside in an area that is easy to clean up. … Details

Patience and All That

For something so pervasive, time is a slippery sucker.  Or perhaps we just don’t know how to be with time.  It’s one of the main ways in which we trip ourselves.  The situation isn’t what we need or even good for us, it’s a failure from the outset, it was misrepresented or we misunderstood what we needed, but we stay anyway. … Details