Kick Up Your Heels

It’s the year of the Goat and one of the things this year is meant to remind us of is that we should be kicking up our heels.  You know how kids (kids-baby goats) see something and decide it needs to be climbed on, sat on, moved or played with in all kinds of ways? …Details

And Then Again…

I listen to people…intelligent people…common sensical people…tell me all the details of who their partner is, what they think what they believe in technicolor detail. They tell me exactly what their beloveds won’t approve of, agree with, or support in any way, then tell me that’s exactly how they present things all the time. …Details

Killing the Messenger

I know it seems self-evident but it’s worth mentioning.  It is contradictory to sacrifice yourself for your path.  If there is no you then there is no path.  If the point is for you to achieve the goals you set for yourself, to live a happy and fulfilled life, and to bring your gifts into this world, then hacking off pieces of yourself, sacrificing your happiness, and using yourself up is not the way to get there.…Details

Change Your Mind

One of the hardest things to do is change your mind.  Not about one particular thing or one particular opinion, but actually change it. Change how it functions.  Change how it perceives things, change the assumptions it uses, change the habits it’s built as shortcuts, change the hardwired foundational pieces which we lean on to support us. …Details

Blind Need

Nobody likes being used.  It leaves us with a sick feeling.  It’s like finding your car’s been broken into or someone got into your house.  Things that you valued have been taken, boundaries have been violated.  We feel unsafe and unsure of ourselves. …Details


2015-04-30 13.14.162015-04-30 13.14.322015-04-30 16.33.42 2015-04-30 13.16.50So it’s the first of May (There’s a great song about that by Jonathan Coulton that is NSFW but you can look it up on Youtube). For me, I’m reveling in the culmination of 5 years work to create a backyard oasis. …Details

Strategy for Story Fondlers

by Martha Beck: Steering by Starlight: The Science and Magic of Finding Your Destiny “Story fondlers are chockablock full of disappointment and anger about the bad things that are present in their lives and the good things that are absent. By talking about this constantly, they get help and sympathy from others.…Details

Love Production

There’s a difference between experiencing love for someone and making love a product that you direct at that person.  Loving someone should be a nurturing, nourishing thing because it is a feeling within you that is complete.  It’s like a complete sentence in and of itself. …Details


Willpower is an amazing thing to have. It helps us get through situations where the high road isn’t what we want to take, but we know it’s for the best so we exert to align everything in us to make that happen. …Details