My Vibration

You know how some things just go well together like chocolate and ice cream or chocolate and coffee or ice cream and coffee?  But other things make very weird combinations that can have unintended results like soda and Mentos?  Fun but probably best done outside in an area that is easy to clean up. … Details

Patience and All That

For something so pervasive, time is a slippery sucker.  Or perhaps we just don’t know how to be with time.  It’s one of the main ways in which we trip ourselves.  The situation isn’t what we need or even good for us, it’s a failure from the outset, it was misrepresented or we misunderstood what we needed, but we stay anyway. … Details


So far it has been a day of surprising tears for me.  Happy tears, mind you, but still. First, I was eating breakfast and doing the morning business routine when the news flashed across my screen: SCOTUS made gay marriage the law of the land in the US. … Details

Just The Way It Is

Just because a person knows there is an issue or that they have an issue…just because they know that how they behave is causing problems or that there is something they are just not getting, it doesn’t always follow that they will work to resolve it. … Details

The Boogeyman

When we become adults we let go of childish things. I’m not talking about becoming an adult thereby giving up the things you love and enjoy and even cherish.  I would lose my Geek Card if I even intimated that.  So I’m not….gorramit!… Details

Bad Thing or Good Thing?

In spiritual circles being ill is looked at as a bad thing.  It means something is wrong, we’re off balance, there is dis-ease and we need to be checking what the heck is going on.  Which is all true.  Even in the spiritual community we have to work against hundreds of years of enculturation and the loss of indigenous wisdom when it comes to understanding our bodies let alone having a healthy relationship with them. … Details

My Heart’s Desire

Hearts are very private things. What we feel in them is unseen and unheard by the outside world.  For others to perceive them we have to wear them on our sleeve or offer them to someone else and even then we’re only creating a window for them to be viewed. … Details

I Can’t Have It

People come to me dragging, depressed, and dispirited but with that little spark of hope left that lets them ask, “What am I supposed to be doing?”  When I ask them what they want to be doing they usually tell me “I don’t know what I want.”  … Details