For All The Wrong Reasons

Romeo and JulietPeople say “Follow your heart.  It will never lead you astray.”  To which I respond with three words “Romeo & Juliet.”  Feeling drawn to do something, feeling that it is necessary to do right now, that it’s significant in some way is definitely something we should be giving our undivided attention. …Details

I’m Working On Gratitude

“I don’t know what else to do or what next step to take so I’m working on gratitude for…”  So many memes about gratitude out there, so little time.  And yet, I hear over and over from people who no matter how much they work on being grateful, it doesn’t resolve their issues, doesn’t unstick them from what is stuck, doesn’t make them feel any happier, doesn’t make them any more grateful for what they have or had…In fact, working on gratitude often makes them feel bad about themselves because they should feel grateful but they don’t and their issues don’t get resolved and they can’t love their lives and there must be something broken inside them and they are terrible people!!!!…Details

Getting The Same Result

People ask me “what am I doing wrong?” and “what’s the lesson in this because it keeps happening?” which is a good place to start in looking at any given issue.  And sometimes there is a lesson and sometimes there is something being done wrong, but not always. …Details

Giving ‘Til It Hurts

Each of us is a unique soul, a piece of the All That Is.  Yet the messaging we get from the world around us is that we need to do in order to be valued.  We are supposedly defined by our careers and our success in those careers, by our families and their happiness and/or successfulness, we must do constantly, give ’til it hurts, and once everyone around us agrees that we are a good person, then we can rest.…Details

Generic Answers to Generic Prayers

People want to know what the meaning of things are.  Why they happen, what they are supposed to learn from that, how they can get what they want or what’s best for them.  In the spiritual community it’s taught that everything happens for a reason and that there’s always a lesson to learn from the things that happen. …Details

Straight Line Fallacy

There’s nothing like learning a new language or working with a different culture to point out the cultural assumptions you’ve been taught.  I remember a conversation in my first year of college where two of my friends who were science and math majors were laughing about the straight line being the shortest distance between two points. …Details

One More Interesting Snippet

In the realm of interesting information bandied around at an academic conference, this article came to my attention.  When people talk about “50 Shades…” they mostly point to the facts that it’s A) badly written, B) a knock off of Twilight, C) pretending to be about BDSM when it isn’t. …Details