Triage Vs. Life

Personal time or “The life we’re doing all this for” has become a catchall term for whatever we’re doing that isn’t work or sleeping. It includes all the household chores and maintenance, errands (household chores that need to be done outside the home), exercise for the purpose of maintaining health and body weight, connecting with friends to maintain relationship, connecting with family to maintain relationship, fulfilling obligations, providing for the needs of those who depend on us (children/elder care/codependents), self-care, working on projects that will advance our life in some way (education/new business/making art), and doing things which we enjoy simply for the pleasure of doing them. …Details


Along with the moving forward into who we want to be/the life we want to live and letting go of the past, there’s also the reclaiming what was lost.  Many people miss this part of the procedure and end up with empty spaces or regrets or simply a feeling of loss. …Details

The I Can’t Fallacy

“I can’t” is a common enough phrase.  It’s supposed to indicate that something isn’t possible and usually comes with an order of “because.” It’s a phrase that has become so overused that it doesn’t have much meaning any more.  When I hear it (apart from when it is used to indicate that logistics are a problem such as “I can’t at that time” or “I can’t because I’ll be doing something somewhere else” or “I’m too far away so I can’t”) I hear an echo from the Princess Bride in the background.…Details

Writing Your Own Story

Most writers will tell you that writing the beginning of the story is the hardest part.  You usually already have the meat of the piece when you start, you are in the middle of the story, all the good stuff is swirling all around you and you want to get at it. …Details

I Know How I Do It

One of the biggest gifts I received from higher education was a deep understanding of how I learn.  Not only did my degrees force facts and knowledge and trivial pursuit answers into my head, but they helped me figure out how to continue the process.…Details

Your Tribe Is Out There

We all need community.  We need friends and acquaintances and a social network with a variety of connections in it so no one person is expected to do and be everything for us and we can get all of our needs met, since we’re not islands and not necessarily meant to be self-sufficient. …Details


I was once told that I shouldn’t go into business for myself because I’m my own worst boss. This was years ago when I was still a manager in corporate land.  I was a bit taken aback by the statement because I was so firmly engaged, my personality entwined, with being a good manager. …Details

To Stand Witness

medusa_clash_of_the_titans_30-1The Medusa myth has always been a favorite of mine.  I mean, it’s cool right?  As a kid it’s a great story like Godzilla vs. Mothra.  There is a horrible monster doing horrible monstery things that needs to be vanquished.  And there is a hero who looks just like every other guy and he gets help from the pretty gods and he gets all these cool gadgets and he goes out, screws up his courage and defeats the monster. …Details