The Fix Is In

Ever flinched when someone said they were just a born to help people and were constantly having to help this person or that?  Along with the flinch there’s a face, either a squinched trying not to do an eye roll even though you want to or the blank “non-expression” face that is hiding the startled surprise of “What??….”… Details

Beyond Boundaries

People make structure out of chaos.  That’s what our highly developed brains are supposed to do.  It’s our one weapon for survival in this dangerous place we call home.  We have no fur to keep us warm when temperatures drop, we are slow-moving, we have no defensive weapons, we basically have our brains, opposable thumbs, and the ability to stand on our hind legs which is a minus when it comes to speed, but a plus in other areas. … Details

And The Wheel Turns

In the north it’s become fall and in the south it’s become spring, but in either case, yesterday was the day when the light and dark were even.  Ahhhh…the peace of balance…the pause where everything is in harmony and equal…the bliss of a moment between this and that…the complete havoc wrought by everything being upended and beginning to move in a different direction…the transition which puts everything in a blender and you just have to hold on…the disjointedness that comes from having just gotten into the rhythm from the last frakkin’ time everything changed and now it’s different again… Everyone experiences these balance days differently because balance doesn’t mean a cease-fire, it means “both/and”. … Details

The Doing Habit

People get stuck in the on position.  If they aren’t moving things forward, making things go, getting somewhere, achieving something, or transitioning from this to that, then their world is off kilter and they start looking for ways to fix it. … Details

Nag, Nag, Nag

There are times when a nagging feeling just won’t go away.  Sometimes it’s about a situation that just doesn’t feel right.  On paper it seems just fine, logically everything should be good, but there is this nagging feeling, this warning that is going off and won’t quite stop. … Details

Color It In

Too many people construct a life out of defined lines, stark contrasts, and things boxed into place.  Bills and work and family and the constant barrage of expectations all come together to build a life that is more manufactured and processed than the take out food that gets them through their day because they have no time. … Details

Sorting & Sifting

In order to have space for the things you want to do and be in life, you have to say no.  There’s no way around it.  While you are living this resplendent embodied life you are finite. You are a finite resource and so must choose what you spend your energy doing and being. … Details

Just Talk It Out

One of the most underrated ways in which to find an answer or figure out a problem is to talk it out.  Seriously.  The wisdom of the ages is something Pat Sajak says night after night on Wheel of Fortune: “Just talk it out…maybe the right answer will pop out.” … Details