A Fractal Life

How many times have you heard someone talk about how everything in their life is perfect except for this one teeny tiny thing.  Of course, it isn’t so teeny or tiny and as they are talking about it you can get a sense that it’s just the tip of a floating ice burg. …Details

I Know I Need To, But…

Managing by crisis is something that all of us fall into at one point or another.  How our day/week/month is going to go gets determined not by the long term plan or what would be nice, but by the defcon level of the issues that have to be handled within the time available. …Details

Nope, Not Today

There times when you just have to tell yourself, “Nope, not today.”  When gravity seems to have gotten stronger and you have to struggle just to get upright and your inner voice is telling you about all the things you should do with your day…Nope. …Details

In Between Control and Allowing

Ancient wisdom counsels that the middle ground is best. You know, everything in moderation, don’t go to extremes, too much of something can take you out of balance, etc. etc.  One of the places where people struggle to find middle ground is in how much they need to be in control of themselves and the world around them.…Details


Ever run beyond yourself?  You know, where you are running flat out and the rest of you is going faster than your feet and you just keep going until the sudden stop?  It’s not tripping and falling. It’s a bit like stopping on ice where you stop, yet you keep going because the sliding doesn’t care about your stoppage? …Details

How Dare You?

People get confused on the whole good bad thing.  LOL  ahem…I mean the spiritual messages about not holding onto anger, turning the other cheek, letting go of the negative, and keeping a positive attitude are very true and great wisdom to impart to us. …Details

Goose & Bottle

I see a large number of people with Goose and Bottle problems.  They go around showing everyone the green bottle with the gosling in it and bewail the fact that the bottle is too priceless to break and the goose lays golden eggs and so can’t be harmed, but it can’t get out of the bottle and it will die and what’s to be done? …Details