Religion, Spirituality, and the way to…whatever

I had a student ask me a question about religion and belief concerning the Akashics.  They had been called to minister in a religion and had done so for decades and then, through experiences and events and thought, had found that they no longer believed what they had been teaching and speaking and so felt confused and betrayed and didn’t know what to think about their calling. …Details

Irritating Why Questions

So much of our focus is on what we are being told and how much and trying to screen it out and get to the things we want to talk about or have anything to do with at all.  It becomes the two-sided coin information onslaught/embarrassment of information riches  that we have to struggle with each day. …Details

Fear of Happiness

“I’m not so afraid of losing something that I won’t try havin’ it” — Zoe Washburn Firefly I love that quote and it resounds with me.  In a lesser form its the answer I give when people ask me how I can possibly go to events, concerts, plays, or even dinner by myself. …Details

You can’t stop change

Recently I’ve heard a lot about the different ways that people deal with emotional situations and the truth and change.  It seems that, while change is inevitable and healthy, people are afraid of it and want to avoid it, postpone it, or ignore it, sometimes at all costs. …Details

Healing is relational

Very few people manage to be islands of isolation.  It takes a great deal of personal effort, skill, and geography to pull that off.  Not just because you need to be able to live off the grid, live off the land, and be fully self-sufficient in everything you could possibly need, but because we are visual beings and isolation requires that no one can even see you, because being seen is still interaction.…Details

We are the stories we tell

I saw a tattoo today that was drawn to appear as if the skin were peeling away from a woman’s shoulder and underneath were written words.  And it really looked like her story was written under her skin.  We are the stories we tell ourselves, not just the stories we tell to each other. …Details

How to do that Present thing

My friends and I sometimes joke about the men in our lives and how they measure on the present scale.  You know, for a holiday do they get you a power tool that is something they actually want, do they forget altogether, do they get something that makes no sense, do they do a ‘Hail Mary’ and tell you something they go you before was meant for this holiday or hand you something you know they just grabbed in desperation, or do they give you things that are surprising and wonderful. …Details

Stress and the Truth

Life is a daily delight/onslaught of input.  From the time we awake to the time we sleep our senses intake information at a high rate of speed.  And our brains seek to make meaning from it and to navigate it using the maps of relationships, needs, wants, requirements, and survival to build it into something we call “My Day”. …Details