Stress and the Truth

Life is a daily delight/onslaught of input.  From the time we awake to the time we sleep our senses intake information at a high rate of speed.  And our brains seek to make meaning from it and to navigate it using the maps of relationships, needs, wants, requirements, and survival to build it into something we call “My Day”. …Details

Live without regrets

Nothing is more heart wrenching than leaving something undone until it is too late.  If there is something you really want to do, don’t worry about what other people will think, don’t worry about how to get it done, get rid of the box you’ve been thinking in and go out and do it. …Details

Being present

Clients I work with all want to know, “What’s my purpose in life?”  and “Why am I here?”.   Sometimes the answers are really exciting and ‘sexy’ like, “You’re here to help heal small children” or “You’re here to learn this major lesson about love and family” or “You’re here to work in foreign countries bringing education and quality of life to orphans.” …Details

Practical Application

In writing about sacred space, I’ve been thinking about religious spaces.  And there are a lot of religious spaces to consider.  Just the number of temples in India boggles the mind, let alone the shrines, ashrams, and wandering mystics.  Or think about the number of churches in the Bible Belt in the states. …Details

Paying Attention

I hear people talk about listening being an art form or a lost art.  *sigh*  I don’t actually see it as an art so much as a necessity of life.  Kinda like looking where you walk.  You can not do that and stub your toe, fall and break a bone, go off steep cliffs and die, walk into buildings…the list goes on and on. …Details

What’s that middle part again?

I’ve heard that other writers and artists suffer through this as well.  There’s a point, somewhere in the middle of a project, where it feels like you’ve totally failed, you’re a failure, this is never going to work, you should scrap it and start over, you’re never going to make deadline, what was I thinking in even starting this whole thing….…Details


Everyone grieves at some point in their lifetime.  In fact, it’s a common emotion with many different variations just like there are multitudinous types of sadness, happiness, or anger.  We can grieve the loss of a pet, a friend, an opportunity, a phase of life, a career, a toy, or a loved one, just to point out a few reasons. …Details

Thought Forms & Creativity

Souls are taught the difference between thought forms, creation, and conscious existence.  In a realm where thoughts are energy and therefore manifest as form, that dissolve once the thought has concluded and the thinker has moved on, a distinction has to be learned between temporary thought forms and existing forms which are unaffected by thought. …Details