Goose In a Bottle

goose in bottleI see a large number of people with Goose and Bottle problems.  They go around showing everyone the green bottle with the gosling in it and bewail the fact that the bottle is too priceless to break and the goose lays golden eggs and so can’t be harmed, but it can’t get out of the bottle and it will die and what’s to be done? …Details

Make Your Own Way

Hand WeavingPeople sometimes get stuck trying to follow all the wisdom imparted by experts, supposed experts and those who are already working the way we want to work. They don’t want to fail, want to avoid the common mistakes and truly understand the best way of doing something, so they gather all of these opinions and experiences, then don’t know what to do.…Details

Make It Your Own

Comfy JeansI’ve always liked the fact that for Catholics they identify by how they practice vs what they believe. There is the lapsed Catholic, the submarine Catholics who only surface twice a year (Christmas and Easter), and the Cafeteria crowd who pick and choose.…Details

Buying Relationship

Helen MirrenSomething we applaud in ourselves and in others is the willingness to do for others. Always being there when people need us, always willing to lend a hand, give advice, or just pitch in even without being asked. This is the kind of person that we think of as wholesome, good, and perfect.…Details

Do It For Them

InaraShuttleIt is really common for people to do things ostensibly for the people they love. Parents stay in difficult, unloving marriages in order to provide stable homes for their children. Couples stay together because they assume their children don’t know the marriage is dead or unhealthy or abusive and are better off in a two parent home.…Details