Body Meditation

Our bodies hold a tremendous amount of practical wisdom which can help us on our spiritual path. Unfortunately we often treat them like a blind hound dog that needs constant monitoring and correction that periodically will lead us to something interesting but for the most part is a huge amount of work.… Details


Sometimes the issues in our lives don’t stem from bad luck or circumstances, but focus. We are taught how to focus on a goal in order to achieve it. When we’re young we’re taught to focus on one thing to get it done and to focus even more in order to do it well.… Details

Wearing Masks

I like masks.  Not the made in China, you can’t breathe through them, Halloween kind from the store at Halloween, but beautiful Mardi Gras masks and hand crafted fantastical masks used in ritual and ceremony, masks made by craftswo/men who put a little bit of magic into them and that can take you to another place, let you be someone completely different and yet authentically you. … Details

When You See The Change

babylearningwalkI was reading something recently where supposedly we don’t see ourselves changing.  Part of me was nodding. This is why people get measured and weighed before working with a personal trainer, take before pictures then start their diet, and keep a pair of “I want to fit into those again” jeans around.… Details