Happy Solstice

startreesI like to think of tonight as the pause. This is the moment between the breathing out and breathing in. It is the time between Fall and Winter.  This is the longest night and tomorrow the light begins to last longer and longer again, step after step as we journey through our internal landscapes to Spring.… Details

In Your Own Light

Christmas candleIt’s common to see the Holidays as the big 3:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  There are, of course, others in and around that time including Hanukkah and Kwanza and New Years which remind us that the holidays are about more than merchandising. … Details

What Christmas Will You Have?

christmasgenius-630x472Part of the joy of the Christmas season is deciding what type of Christmas to have.  Are we staying home this year, going to visit relatives we haven’t seen for a while, going to your mom’s or mine or both?  Some people make a circuit because there are multiple family gatherings on both sides and so the entire day is a trip around the world to make sure that everyone is connected and no one feels slighted or left out.… Details

Creating the Holiday

demolition-derby-corbin-hiarI was out running errands today.  Just the regular, getting life lived kinda errands. Nothing special and yet it turned into a tour de force of the holiday.  I needed to mail some cards and other items, but I was one stamp short so I decided to stop at the Post Office.… Details

Let’s Go Back

iyengar-yogaI started out this year with a list of things I wanted to bring into my life.  One of which was yoga.  I’ve done yoga of various kinds for the past 20 years and over the last 4 I’ve found Iyengar yoga which I absolutely love and for a while it seemed like the studio I had found, the teachers and the practice were exactly what I wanted. … Details