You Can Stop ‘Splainin

It’s funny how people feel the need to explain why they have spent the day the way they have.  I’m not talking about those who are bragging while trying to seem not to brag.  Bleh.  No I mean your every day person who decides to explain why they did something other than work hard and crank out services or products or meetings or coffee (Ummm….coffee) or whatever it is they do.…Details

Dig In

A really common question is “So how do I make a living at it?”  You know, this thing you like to do as a hobby or this idea of something you think you might like to do, or this idea that you have which you haven’t tried yet…that. …Details

Stop Self Identifying with Not

When I was in undergrad my friends and I had many deep discussions about religion and beliefs.  Also about coffee and what was in that mystery punch and if we’d ever have peach schnaps after that one night….anyway we would talk about what tradition we were raised in or not, if we still believed in that for ourselves or not, and how we planned on practicing going forward. …Details

I Just Can’t Even

This morning a young man opened fire in a classroom at Umpqua Community College.  This is 3 hours south of me in the town of Roseburg, Oregon.  If you haven’t seen news coverage of this yet you will.  13 students are dead, they still haven’t tallied up all the wounded although several were life flighted to Eugene, an hour north where there are critical emergency services this rural town can’t provide.…Details


Getting grounded isn’t just something your parents did to you and it’s not just about sitting out on a rock being still or calming down.  Grounding is an active process, half of the equation for healers and spiritual practitioners.  Without it we get sick, or overwhelmed, dealing with a host of symptoms as we get stuck with our clients energy and issues. …Details


Playing with echoes can be fun if the call and the repeat are significantly separate from each other.  You know, you say a thing and then there’s a beat before the repeat comes back.  In fact cartoons use this all the time, having the character say something and expect it to be repeated but the return is something completely different and sarcastic or ironic. …Details

The Fix Is In

Ever flinched when someone said they were just a born to help people and were constantly having to help this person or that?  Along with the flinch there’s a face, either a squinched trying not to do an eye roll even though you want to or the blank “non-expression” face that is hiding the startled surprise of “What??….” Yup, you’re not alone.…Details

Beyond Boundaries

People make structure out of chaos.  That’s what our highly developed brains are supposed to do.  It’s our one weapon for survival in this dangerous place we call home.  We have no fur to keep us warm when temperatures drop, we are slow-moving, we have no defensive weapons, we basically have our brains, opposable thumbs, and the ability to stand on our hind legs which is a minus when it comes to speed, but a plus in other areas. …Details

And The Wheel Turns

In the north it’s become fall and in the south it’s become spring, but in either case, yesterday was the day when the light and dark were even.  Ahhhh…the peace of balance…the pause where everything is in harmony and equal…the bliss of a moment between this and that…the complete havoc wrought by everything being upended and beginning to move in a different direction…the transition which puts everything in a blender and you just have to hold on…the disjointedness that comes from having just gotten into the rhythm from the last frakkin’ time everything changed and now it’s different again… Everyone experiences these balance days differently because balance doesn’t mean a cease-fire, it means “both/and”. …Details