Preparing for a New Year

New Year ChampagneRegardless of when you think the year ends, September/October for Israel, November for the Cherokee people, December 31 in Western culture, and February for the Chinese to name a few, making the transition is an opportunity for incorporating the wisdom gained from this year just passing and using it to start fresh. … Details

Reforging Mythology

NarsilIn this last week of the year, when things are winding down from the holidays, from the year over all, from all the doing and the being and the going…we have an opportunity to lean into the quiet and breath. When it is quiet we are able to attend to what is around us, what is in us, the quiet voices inside us with all of their wisdom.… Details

Happy Solstice

startreesI like to think of tonight as the pause. This is the moment between the breathing out and breathing in. It is the time between Fall and Winter.  This is the longest night and tomorrow the light begins to last longer and longer again, step after step as we journey through our internal landscapes to Spring.… Details

In Your Own Light

Christmas candleIt’s common to see the Holidays as the big 3:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  There are, of course, others in and around that time including Hanukkah and Kwanza and New Years which remind us that the holidays are about more than merchandising. … Details