In the spiritual community there is a lot of focus on going within.  Go into your depths to find yourself.  Go into the dark to discover who you are.  Go inwards to find the truth.  And I’m all for it.  My family and friends will tell you I have no fear of going inwards, looking in the depths, getting my hands dirty and digging deep to find the richness of life. … Details

Weighing the Responsibilities

Lots of people feel that they are chained to their responsibilities.  They can’t do this because of work.  They can’t do that because of their family.  They can’t do the other because of their pets needs.  They put so much of themselves into their responsibilities and then feel depleted and frustrated and bleak because they can’t do anything else.  … Details

A New Bottom Line

When we think about setting a new bottom line we think about it in context of having a ‘discussion’ with someone.  We are “drawing a line in the sand”, “taking a stand”, or clarifying our boundaries, perhaps for the first time. … Details

I’m a Leaf On the Wind

Too much of anything is usually a bad thing and everything can be taken out of context and therefore make a hash of things.  Being overly flexible can be a liability.  It can leave you twisted into shapes you aren’t meant to be in or make you into a doormat for others instead of leading your own life.… Details

Not Enough Credit

People don’t give themselves enough credit.  They focus on themselves, listening to their inner guidance, pay attention to their conscience, take action to bring their lives into harmony with all that, start moving towards making their dreams a reality and then they ask, “So, you think I’m on the right track? … Details

Preconception Deception

Clients sometimes come to me with preconceptions of what is causing them distress and what will resolve the issue.  They come to me wanting validation of these preconceptions and the identities they’ve built for themselves validated.  They can be desperate for this, in fact, as if it’s a lifeline to a drowning person and that having the validation will melt away all the difficulties they are having in this life. … Details

Apocalyptic Thinking

We sometimes think that all or nothing thinking is the purview of the young.  That only the teens and 20 somethings see the world in black or white and make all or nothing decisions.  But apocalyptic thinking comes in all age groups, seeing only one way out happens to all of us at some point, and going straight to the absurdly worst case scenario is just plain human.… Details